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I fell head-over-heels in love with Strasbourg, France. It’s lively, beautiful, and so interesting. Obviously, I had to take a food tour while in Strasbourg, so I partnered up, once again, with Eating Europe Food Tours for a culinary look into this Alsatian town.

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Why take a Strasbourg food tour?

I won’t give you the same ol’ “why not?!” reaction. I guess I just see food tours like this as an opportunity to do so much at once. Our tour guide knew a ton of history, not just about Strasbourg, but of the Alsace region. To be able to appreciate the people, culture, and food, history is key. Not to mention, it simply won’t make sense why you have traditional German food in France if you don’t know the whole backstory.

Notre Dame de Strasbourg

You’ll take a journey through the city. This tour focuses on a couple of key points: everyday life, lunch culture, and what it means to have a sweet tooth in France. Additionally, you’ll see some of the key spots in the city and leave with a much better understanding of why the city looks like it does.

My favorite bits of history are the super quirky bits like how some of the people who served those in the community had to stand between a building and a pillar to see if they’ve gotten too fat. I mean, wow. What a strange thing to do. Would you volunteer to see if you fit?

market in strasbourg

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What kind of food to expect on a food tour in Strasbourg?

We started off with a bang! After entering the most lovely dining room in a patisserie, we were served a kougelhopf and an espresso. The kougelhopf is made from yeast dough and baked in a domed pan to give it that distinctive shape. It’s well-known in the region, but really, it’s popular in many countries and some have a few tweaks that they do to make it their own. Some say that this cake goes all the way back to Roman times!

kougelhopf in strasbourg food tour

Ok, moving on we are definitely in France. What kind of French food tour would it be if it didn’t include baguettes? Naturally, we must stop at the boulangerie where the locals were all buying their daily bread. This place was hoppin’. We took the tour on a Saturday, so by 11am, everyone was out and about and making the most of their day.


Isn’t that the best? Going into shops that are most definitely local is the sign of a food tour that’s giving you a very authentic experience. I thought it was super cool that we took that bread to a boucherie (a meat shop) where they sliced our baguette for us and gave us a beautiful spread of various meats. There was so much meat, you could easily and happily go back for seconds. And many people did! It was fun just hanging out in the shop with everyone eating and comparing what we enjoyed most. It felt like an impromptu social gathering instead of a food tour.

meats in strasbourg

Little did I know that coming up would be my favorite part! Our group had a proper Alsatian lunch together and it was lovely! We came together in an old cellar that was turned into a delightfully authentic and local restaurant with Alsatian food you must try. Funny enough, my friend and I almost went there the night before, so we are glad we were able to try it for the first time with the group because there was so much food.

lunch restaurant
plates in Alsatian restaurant

We were served family-style, which seemed so fitting! That setting, those people, it all came together to make a wonderful experience. We had Choucroute Garnie which is a dish with cabbage (like sauerkraut), sausages and potatoes. Surprisingly, I didn’t hate the sauerkraut as much as I normally do because it’s cooked in a different way…with Alsatian wine! The sausages remind me of American hotdogs, but in a way that they are given a new life as part of this bigger dish. The potatoes are just boiled potatoes and are a nice contrast to the rest of the meal.

Choucroute Garnie
flammekueche on a strasbourg food tour

That wasn’t all we had at lunch, though. Traditionally, lunch is the biggest meal of the day. So, we also had flammekueche. Oh my goodness! This had to be my favorite savory food on the whole tour. As if that wasn’t enough, we had Alsatian Riesling with this meal. I was so happy at this moment. I couldn’t stop smiling!

We tried not to get too full because the next stop was…

cheese in Strasbourg
wine and cheese tasting in strasbourg

CHEESE! Yes, French, Alsatian cheese right from the region. The first thing you do is to go into the cheese shop and smell all of those lovely cheesy smells. We were able to try three kinds of cheese, again with Alsatian wine (definitely my kind of tour 😉 ), but the most interesting was the one made from beer. Who here loves all kinds of cheese? Let us know in the comment box what cheese is your favorite.

wine and cheese tasting in strasbourg

While all the savory bites were beyond delish, I was excited about the French sweets! From the sandwich-like macaron to the coconut treat of a macaroon and even the best of the French patisserie, we got to try so many little treats. And on the last stop, they served us some Cremant with some fruit liquor at the bottom. Talk about yummy!

Macarons in Strasbourg
French treats in strasbourg

Final thoughts on this Strasbourg food tour

You’re in France, but this city, this region has its own special identity. That’s why taking this food tour will help you acclimate yourself, as any walking tour would, but it gives you a very important look into the food culture.

The food tells a story. The food has a history. The food is part of every person’s life here in Strasbourg. A walking tour is mostly about places to see, not who people are and how they interact with the city on a daily basis. Isn’t that what you want in a tour? To get a holistic understanding? That’s exactly what you get with this tour.

Eating Europe has tours all over Europe, so definitely check them out if you are traveling anywhere over here. We’ve always really enjoyed them. If you want to see more food tour videos, check out our YouTube channel and subscribe to stay in the loop.

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Joanna and Jessica eating macarons

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