Pacsafe Citysafe CX Mini Backpack Review | Feature-filled Anti-theft Backpack

Bags are everyone’s best friend in some way. Gym bag, purse, fanny pack, suitcase, beach bag…we all need a way to carry our stuff. A while back, I did a review on the Pacsafe Citysafe CX backpack which was an upgrade from my previous Pacsafe backpack. But then…THEN they came out with the mini version of that bag. So, now I have to do the Pacsafe Citysafe CX Mini Backpack review because it’s mini!!

Pacsafe Citysafe mini backpack Italy orange grove

OK, not really because it’s mini. I mean, I do love smaller versions of things and tend to think they are cute, but I am a practical person. It has to work for me. The regular bag had some great uses, but I was curious if the Citysafe CX Mini would be a better everyday kind of bag.

This bag was given to me as a gift by Pacsafe since I loved my other Pacsafe bags so much and tell everyone about them.

A review of the Pacsafe Citysafe CX Mini Backpack

This 11-liter backpack is made to look great, keep your every basics, and be super secure. I’ve been a Pacsafe fan for years…even before we moved to Amsterdam! My main problem, way back when, was that their bags were all about function and not style. That’s why I upgraded from the original Citysafe backpack to the regular-sized Citysafe CX backpack. I wanted my bag to look nicer.

Size is key for this bag, it’s what I’ve been using as an everyday bag since I got it in January. It rides around Amsterdam with me and even traveled with us to Italy (before, you know, the thing happened). I’m still working out how to use it when I want to keep my camera with me, but I’ve found that the padding in the bag gives me peace of mind and if I want to keep an extra lens, I bring a small towel to place between the camera and lens.

Honestly though, it’s not a camera bag. (If you want to know my favorite camera bag, I have a whole post on it here). LINK It’s the bag I use to take my jars to refill my pantry basics at my zero-waste shop. It’s the bag I take to a friend’s house with a bottle of wine and some snacks. I tend to just use it as a purse even though I don’t carry much because if I buy something on the way home, I’ll toss it in there, if it fits. If it doesn’t fit, I’d have my reusable shopping bag in there anyway.

Simply put, it’s now my go-to daily bag.

I feel like I have to say this because I’ve read some ridiculous reviews about this bag and its predecessor. It’s made to not be opened easily with one hand. First and foremost, this brand makes anti-theft bags. Everything else is a bonus.

Pacsafe Citysafe CX vs CX mini backpack

Citysafe CX Mini Backpack vs Citysafe CX Backpack

What’s the difference between the Citysafe CX Backpack and the Citysafe CX Mini Backpack? The two most obvious differences are the size (17 liter vs 11 liter) and the lack of a side pocket/water bottle holders. My 13” laptop fits in the regular-sized bag and not the mini. They say an 11” laptop can fit in the Mini, so if that’s what you use, that can be super helpful!

There is another noticeable difference if you travel. On the 17 liter bag, there is a luggage handle pass-through on the bag and the 11 liter Mini does not have that.

All other features are the same. The fabric is the same. You’ll find eXomesh slashguard on the front, Carrysafe Slashguard straps, an RFIDsafe pocket, secured zippers, and the TurnNLock security hooks to wrap the strap around a bigger object.

Both the mini and the regular Citysafe CX backpack could be used as a personal item on a flight, so the 17 liter one will continue to be that bag for me. Buuuuut, the mini is a much better size for a day bag. What I’ve done is wear the regular one on the plane and pack the smaller one. It doesn’t pack up tiny because it has some cushion and structure, but that’s why I like it. I just place it, flat, on top of the other things in my suitcase. Then I have a day bag when I get to my vacation spot!

Pacsafe Citysafe CX mini back in Sicily

Pros of the mini backpack

It’s small. That’s why you get this bag. You take just what you need and nothing else.

The security features on the Citysafe bags are awesome. This bag is no different. My favorite feature is that you can unhook one of the straps and wrap it around something else. I use it all the time when traveling.

It looks nice. The fabric is a tough fabric and isn’t winning any fashion awards, but it still looks rather nice while having all the safety features.

Top handles are such a great feature of this bag. At first, I didn’t like the idea. But they make the bag even easier to use.

Citysafe mini at a castle

Cons of the mini backpack

There’s no bottle holder. That was a big frustration for me. Since I mostly use it as a day bag and don’t carry much, I can carry the bottle inside the bag, but it’s not as convenient.

Because there’s a space for a laptop in the back, it can make it awkward to put things in the bag because the item can get caught on that back pocket. There’s no way to secure the laptop spot to the back of the bag to keep that from happening

No luggage pass-through on the back of the bag. I feel like that was an oversight because it should have been an easy thing to add.

Citysafe CX mini in Amsterdam rainy day

My love in finding the best travel gear that can double as everyday gear is never-ending. I always give products a good run before writing up a review for you. Obviously, traveling is different than running around your own town, so I use everything in all the ways I intend to continue to use them so I get a well-rounded view of the product.

I hope this helps you in finding the right bag for you!

Wishing you joy and travels.

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