My solo trip to Paris...not what I was expecting
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My Solo Trip to Paris

This may be controversial to say, but solo travel is not for everyone. I’m not a huge fan of it myself. I’ve read all the articles about how it can help with anxiety, build self-esteem, and how freeing it can be. But, I just really don’t know what to do with myself.


Solo trip to Paris


Yeah, I can wander around whenever and wherever I want. That part I like quite a bit. There is nobody to slow you down or wait around for. There’s also nobody to eat with, share a great sunrise with, or just figure out what to do next. It’s all on you.


Solo trip to Paris


I get bored and really just don’t know what to do next. I did learn that quick-to-eat food is what I prefer when I’m alone. Even just sitting and eating noodles was easy and quick with little time for waiting. A street-side crepe is really the way to go though. Quick, cheap, and super easy to eat on the go!


Solo trip to Paris


So, what did I get up to? I walked. A lot. Like 12 miles in 3 days. I ate noodles and bread and macarons (I did not eat healthy on this trip!). And I hung out with Edna who practically lives in Paris. Having a local with you is pretty much the best thing ever. Although, having some girl time might just trump the “local” part.


Solo trip to Paris


Girl friends can be amazing or they can be catty. I make a sincere effort to surround myself with people who are supportive, friendly, and genuine. But some girl time with the right person who can chat AND listen is so important to be able to let anything and everything out. Add some good French wine and the evening is made.


Solo trip to Paris


It was so funny. I planned on going to Paris solo and then I found out six other people from Amsterdam were going too! I wasn’t able to meet up with any of them, but probably for the best. I can see them anytime in Amsterdam, but Paris is a different world with a different vibe. I think a mini chill and girl time was what I needed.


Solo trip to Paris


After 3 days in Paris, hanging out with a fun person, going to places I’ve never been, eating my way through a food tour, and wandering around on my own, I still know that solo travel itself in not something I will actively plan or strive for. However, meeting up or traveling with others can be fun!

Final verdict: I had a great time. With no set schedule and a handful of metro tickets, I felt free as a bird! But I really enjoyed spending time with someone else, and I think that is just who I am…a social introvert.


Solo trip to Paris

Anyone else really not love to travel by yourself? Who is your favorite travel partner?

For practical Paris information, a guidebook can be super handy! The Rick Steves’ Pocket Paris book is a great companion to blogs and is a great read in paperback or Kindle (my preference) on the trip into Paris!

13 thoughts on “My Solo Trip to Paris

  1. I think it’s great that people do solo travel. Alot of people are intimidated by traveling alone so I admire the people who do travel solo. I have a travel partner and LOVE IT! There’s no right or wrong way to how or who you travel with. It’s great that you got to try out both and know what you like!

    1. That’s the thing. Do what you like best! I still travel for specific reasons (like conferences) by myself which is fine. But for pleasure, I’m just too social to be alone 🙂

  2. I definitely love travelling solo but I also love travelling with my husband. It’s nice to have a balance but if was single I would be off regardless. I’ve met some great people on the road who are friends many years later and when I’m with my husband I’m less inclined to socialise as I want to be with him.

  3. While I like the idea of solo travel, I love a travel buddy as it means whatever responsibility I have is now split up! One of us can map our route (aka not me because I suck at it) and the other can google for places to eat nearby! Time saver 😉

  4. I prefer to travel solo but I would not recommend Paris as a solo traveler city. I’ve been to Paris twice and the first time I hated it and the second time was better even though I took a fall down the stairs. I found that English is not widely spoken, the metro system is confusing. it is expensive, and these things can make you feel alone.
    I would give solo travel another shot and go somewhere that will change your mind. Iceland and Ireland were my first two solo trips on the same itinerary and had the most amazing time. Definitely don’t give up.

  5. Beautiful pictures! I’ve never seen Paris so green! I feel with solo trips, you’re going to have periods of complete boredom and just wishing to talk to someone you know, but it always turns out to be not so bad and it kind of forces you to talk to strangers if you’re lost.

  6. I’m with you on this. Although I’ve never actually done a solo trip (other than for work), I like the idea of having someone to make conversation with. I would definitely want to give it a shot sometime though. You made a great choice of place to visit, I’ll say!

  7. I’m glad at least you’ve experienced solo traveling, but I’m with you- I don’t like traveling alone and it’ll never be something that I’ll enjoy. I’m with you on that one- things in life are always better when there’s someone to share it with! I wouldn’t go anywhere without my husband 😛

  8. Ah I totallllly loved traveling solo but I was anxious at first. I am the kind of person who is and love being with my friends but I had to try it so I stacked 80 movies in my laptop and thought, hey the worst that will happen is I won’t know what to do and I can eat and watch movies all day in a room but I didn’t even open my laptop. Made friends from day one, traveled the whole country (Laos was my first solo adventure) and simply didn’t want to go back home. No looking back since but I still get a bit anxious before a solo trip wondering how it would be and if I would meet like minded people on the road.

  9. I definitely think that there are perks to both. I do enjoy solo trips for the selfish reasons, but I think that I prefer traveling with others even more. Like you said, there’s something special about sharing these moments with someone. I still love traveling with my parents (totally different experience as an adult), my friends and most of all I love sharing adventures with my husband! Thanks for sharing your feelings and experience! Cheers!

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