15+ MUST-HAVE gifts for an Aspiring YouTuber or TikToker

Do you know someone who wants to be a YouTuber? There are many pieces of tech gear and camera gear they might need, or would just make their lives so much easier. If you’re looking for the perfect gifts for a YouTuber or vlogger, I’ve got you covered.

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First of all, I want to point out that you don’t NEED extra equipment to start out. Anyone can start making videos with their cell phone, but these things will up the quality so much! There are three basic things that make videos better, no matter what. You need to have good audio, clear video, and quality lighting.  

Some of the hardest videos to watch are shaky or grainy videos, videos that aren’t well-lit, and vlogs when you can’t hear the person well thanks to wind or a loud environment. No worries, though. We all make mistakes and learn. Sometimes there are blog posts to help people overcome problems before they even start!

Let’s dive right in.

Cameras for Vloggers

TikTokers are probably used to filming on their phone vertically, but having a designated camera is always helpful. The quality will likely be higher, there are more settings for more control, and you don’t have to fill up your phone with footage. These are the cameras I’d suggest looking into for both YouTubers and TikTok creators.

Sony ZV-1

This is a great camera to start vlogging. It has a flip-up screen to see yourself in the camera, some nice stabilization, an audio input and you can send photos directly to your phone. There are higher level cameras from Sony, but this has a good mix of qualities while not being too heavy. I’ve added links for the camera and handle combo because it’ll make life a lot easier with the handle.

Osmo Pocket

The original is nice and there’s a newer version more suited for vlogging due to its wider lens and built-in features. Having 4K quality already on a gimbal is so nice because smoother footage looks that much more professional.

GoPro Hero 10

There are plenty of people who started their channel with a GoPro and with the new GoPros, it’s easy to see why! They are low-maintenance, relatively cheap, have great stabilization and can go really anywhere. The main downside is, unless you get the creator package, there’s no way to add a mic. But, the internal mic isn’t bad at all!

DJI Mini 2 Drone

A drone is usually a final piece to a YouTuber’s puzzle. We still don’t have one…but we want one. I’d think the smallest DJI drone (the Mini 2) is fine for most YouTubers. Be careful because in many places now, you may need a license. Sometimes the small ones are excluded, but it’s worth a check.

Note: There is another DJI mini drone called the SE. It is cheaper, but the range is cut from 10km to 4km and the video goes from 4K to 2.7K. I would stick with the Mini 2 for the range alone because that’s a bit selling point for any drone. 

Audio gifts for video creators​

They say that people can forgive shaky video but not bad audio. So make sure you get your vlogger the perfect mic for their setup! I’m a big fan of Rode and have a few of these microphones that I use for different situations. 

Rode Video MicMe

For anyone filming with a phone, this microphone is great. Just plug it into the bottom of the phone and it acts like a mini boom mic. Perfect when you’re holding the phone and talking into it. I’m linking to the version that plugs into the headphone jack, but there are ones for USB-C and Lightening connections as well.

Rode Video Micro

This is a go-to mic for many vloggers. It uses the power from the camera to function so there are no extra batteries to forget to charge. 

Rode WirelessGo (I or II)

The Rode WirelessGo is my main mic because it’s the most discreet. You plug the receiver into the camera and can use the mic-pack as the mic or use a lavalier (below) with it. The quality is amazing and if the vlogger plans on doing collaborations, interviews, or has two people on camera at any time, grab the WirelessGo II. It has two mics and one receiver. 

Lavalier Microphone

A lavalier mic is another good option for phones or cameras depending on how you film. Of course, you can attach it to the WirelessGo to be even more discreet, or just plug it directly into the camera or phone if you’re going to be right in front of it.

Mini Microphone

A fun tread that’s going around is to use a mini mic. This is basically a lavalier mic in the shape of a traditional microphone to make for fun vertical videos for Tiktok, Instagram Reels or YouTube shorts.

Camera Accessories

High-speed Memory Card

If you have a camera, it’s always a nice idea to have a high speed memory card. It’s great for videos and taking bursts of photos. It’s also the gift that keeps giving because, unless they keep memory cards as their back up of their files, they can format them (clean them off) and use them over and over. But it’s always nice to have more memory cards than you think you need! Just make sure this is the *right* memory card for them. 

Small light

Everyone can use a small light to create better lighting for photos and videos. I love my small one that I can throw in my bag and it doesn’t take up much space at all. With different levels of intensity, it fits in any scene. 

Person standing in a field holding a collapsed tripod in their right hand

Peak Design Travel Tripod

The Peak Design Travel Tripod is pretty lightweight, easy to use and uses the Peak Design system of the clip (that goes on the bottom of the camera), the anchor points can be used with it to sling it over your shoulder with one of the Peak Design straps, and it fits nicely on any of their bags with external carry straps. It includes an adapter for phones, but this adapter is the best. 

Mini Manfrotto Tripod

For those who don’t like to carry too much, the mini Manfrotto tripod comes in handy a lot. If you just want something to put the phone on and angle it properly, this is the little gem you need. 

GoPro Accessories

GoPros have sooooo many accessories! I’d just be sure to get an adapter to go on a tripod, and some kind of handle. I have this one that extends just a bit bit also turns into its own tripod, and this floaty one for anytime I’m around water.

Phone accessories

Versatile Phone Mount

This phone mount will work for traditional tripods, the Peak Design tripod and Arca Swiss tripods. It’s quality is impressive.

Spigen Phone Case

I’ve been recommending Spigen cases for years ever since I discovered them. In fact, we have a rule in our house that any new phone does not leave the house until it’s in a Spigen case. Most of them are pretty light weight and low profile.

Selfie Light

If you’re Tiktoker is filming themselves on their phone, then a selfie light might come in handy. Lighting is so important and this little accessory can make videos look so much better!

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