Foodie in Amsterdam: Epic food experiences to have in Amsterdam

Foodies unite! Are you a foodie who loves foodie adventures? Maybe you love food tours, but you also want to take it a step beyond and find more foodie experiences. Well, my foodie friend, I’ve got your covered!

As a foodie in Amsterdam, I am so friggin’ excited to share some awesome food experiences with you that you might not know about. I also want to let you know that if you love discovering new restaurants, that my friend Vicky over a AmsterdamFoodie has everything you need to know over there. She does the hard work of trying a lot of the restaurants in the city

Embrace your inner foodie in Amsterdam with these experiences

de Food Hallen


With 21 food stalls, this old tram depot has a new and wonderful lease on life. It’s always buzzing with hungry people who love the variety. From dim sum to Jamon to burgers and bitterballen, there are a ton of options. There is even a gin & tonic bar (I LOVE that!!), a beer bar, and a regular bar to get all your drinks. It does get very busy, so if there’s at least two of you, take turns ordering at the stalls and grab a seat.

Amsterdam canal & food tour

You all know we love food tours and we’ve taken a ton with Eating Europe, so I’m happy to recommend any of their tours. I think the most fun would probably be the Amsterdam canal and food tour. Mainly because you should take any opportunity to get on the canal. You’ll have an opportunity to try some of the best foods for someone’s first visit to Amsterdam. And it’s always nice to have a guide to explain what you’re eating, why you’re eating it, and learn about the city along the way.

C Taste

A pretty unique food experience you can have in Amsterdam is dining in the dark at C Taste. You can find this restaurant along the beautiful Amstel River. It’s all a surprise because you never quite know how you’ll adapt to the dark. And the menu is a surprise, too! Blind servers are there to make sure you get everything you need and are safe and comfortable. I’m definitely glad I’ve done it because it’s an experience you don’t forget!



One of our favorite things is to find a fine-dining restaurant that serves local food when the local food may not typically be served in that manner. Dutch food isn’t known for being great, but when we discovered Floreyn, we got excited. It’s all about local Dutch ingredients and transforming what is thought to be a boring cuisine into something magical. We loved it and can’t wait to go back. If you like good and creative food in a fine-dining setting without the pretentiousness, this is a perfect place in Amsterdam.


However, if you want good home-cooked food in a setting that feels like you might be at a grandma’s house, then head to Moeders. Definitely make reservations! It’s a popular place…for good reason. Try the famous Dutch pea soup or traditional stamppot. Or order the Dutch Ricedish for a spread of the classics but you must have at least two people ordering this. Oh, and don’t try to split the bill. Not gonna happen.


While I would recommend heading to Pannenkoekenhuis Upstairs in the center of the city for true Dutch pancakes, this includes two experiences in one. There are a few cruise options, but the 75-minute cruise along the IJ to see Amsterdam from the water is probably more than enough, but they also have longer cruises as well. Best part? All you can eat Dutch pancakes. Yes, please! /

Drinks in Amsterdam + experiences to try

brewery in a windmill

Visit a Brewery

Fancy a more local beer experience? Head to Brouwerij t’IJ by the windmill in the Amsterdam east neighborhood. Locals and visitors love trying this local favorite. There are plenty of varieties of beer here and they tend to make seasonal ones, too! For an incredible summer outdoor experience, head to their other tasting room, ‘t Blauwe Theehuis in Vondelpark. It’s just perfect!

Jenever Tasting

Head to Wynand Fockink Proeflokaal and Spirits if you want to stay in the center and have a memorable Jenever tasting or head to Distillery ‘t Nieuwe Diep in the east for a more local vibe. What is Jenever? Great question! It’s basically a predecessor to gin and is very herbal.

BOLS Experience

For a touristy, but still cool experience, head to BOLS to learn more about Jenever and create some cocktails (with the help of a bartender)! This is created specifically to be an interesting experience, so I feel like you can’t go wrong and it’s a good price for all you get with it. Order your ticket from Get Your Guide.

Heineken Experience

If you’re a beer fan, and probably even if you aren’t, you’ve heard of Heineken. For beer lovers, you’ll have to visit the Heineken Experience. It’s another really well done drink experience for those who can appreciate such things. Be prepare by ordering your ticket online.

Amsterdam snacks – Where to eat

Jess with fries at the Albert Cuyp market

Albert Cuyp Market

I used to think that the Albert Cuyp Market was pointless and wouldn’t recommend going there. But, you know what? I love popping in and grabbing a snack while I’m in the area. Deliciousness you can usually find here are poffertjes (those tiny pancake snacks), stroopwafel (a syrup waffle), herring (a Dutch favorite fish snack), and kibbling (a Dutch favorite fried fish snack). It’s such a staple that we created a video on the best things to eat there!


FEBO is an institution. It’s the most famous place to get food from a wall. The thing is, as Americans, it’s easy to think that this kind of food is inferior to other fast food. But all the food is made fresh! Put your coins in or tap your card and open the door to get your goodness.

Dutch cheese

Cheese tasting

The Dutch are known for cheese so you absolutely must have some kind of cheese experience while you’re here. You can go to Old Amsterdam Cheese for a cheese tasting or you can visit Reypenaer Proeflokaal for a really in depth cheese tasting. Reypenaer have some of my favorite cheeses!


Ah, borrel…a favorite among the Dutch and anyone who has moved here. It’s mostly known for meaning that you are going out for drinks and snacks with your colleagues, but can really just be going out for drinks and snacks with anyone. Common dishes include bitterballen, fried cheese sticks, and fries. Basically…all the fried things!

There you have it! A bunch of awesome food experiences to have in Amsterdam. Is there one that we missed? Let us know so we can try it!

If you are a foodie visiting Amsterdam, you’re gonna love it! You might have to look just below the surface, but there’s plenty here for you to sink your teeth into.

Wishing you joy and travels!

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