Aren’t we all a little curious what everyone’s favorites are? Especially when something doesn’t work out for you, then you might think, “What does so-and-so use that they love?”. In the last four years, we’ve traveled a lot, with a ton of flights and a bunch of train rides, so we have our packing routine down.

If you want to know what our “go-to” pieces are, this is the post for you! Just to let you know, we aren’t sponsored by any of these companies, we found them all on our own (with one exception that you’ll see). But we do have affiliate links below so that if you decide to purchase that item after reading this, we get a small commission, but you are not charged anything extra! We do this so we can keep this site up and running.

Our travel bags

eBags is by far our favorite luggage.

We want to travel with only a carry-on, so this is it, the 21″ wheeled bag from eBags. With two big sections that can morph into an extra large section, there are many possibilities! Besides, the wheels are basically silent. A feature I didn’t know I wanted, but love. I also have the backpack version in the Motherlode series in case I’m going on a super short trip and a budget airline. You know, sometimes you really just don’t want your bag taken at the gate! These bags have been on dozens of flights, thousands of miles, and 5 years of abuse and don’t show any signs of stopping.

Victorinox bag in Amsterdam

Victorinox is a new addition and we like this bag, too.

This Victorinox bag was given to us last year to create a review on their website. Honestly, I didn’t know it was a good brand so I didn’t have high expectations. It’s a hard case but incredibly light with four-wheels. I think it’s a great bag, but I like my eBags more. The four-wheels tempt me every once in a while though! Just watch it carefully on public transit. Those wheels like to run away! Sean has basically claimed this bag because of the design of two wide-open sections and he always packs the same way in it.

Pacsafe Citysafe 17 liter backpack

Pacsafe bags are great day-packs.

These babies use secured zippers, along with exo-mesh front and bottom and a slash-proof strap. As a bonus, there’s an RFID protected pocket. This is helpful for passports and credit cards that have that little chip inside. I have a Citysafe CX 17 liter backpack and Sean has a Venturesafe 15 liter G3 bag for a regular day bag. The new designs look good and I’m happy to have upgraded from a plain black bag.


We love our cameras.

We both just upgraded our cameras to fit our growing need for better equipment. How exciting! It’s always like Christmas morning when you buy yourself a new “toy”.

Sean now uses the Nikon Z6 and bought the kit with the adapter and 24-70 mm lens. Check prices here on Amazon for the entire kit. He also has the great go-to lens Nikon AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G Lens.

I’ve got the route of really thinking about video since we’ve re-launched our YouTube channel. I waited a long time for my perfect camera. By “perfect” I mean perfect for me, my skill level, and my needs. So, I bought the Sony a6400 with the 16-50mm lens the day it was released. That was a funny trip! We got the last one in the store since everyone else pre-ordered! Check prices on Amazon here.

A Samsung tablet is great for travel.

When traveling super light, I will take my Samsung Tab and a Bluetooth keyboard with me. It’s so easy to take notes and write blog posts on the plane with this set-up and I think it’s a semi-budget option for anyone who doesn’t want to take their laptop with them.

Work station

For longer trips, I can’t live without my HP Spectre laptop.

When I finally got a new laptop, I was head-over-heels in love with the HP Spectre (not the 360 or touchscreen but maybe next time). It was beautiful, thin, and light. I’ve been an HP-lover for over 10 years now, so I’m sure my next one will also be the same brand!

My Samsung phone.

I’m not an Apple fan, sorry-not-sorry. I have the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Sean has the Samsung Galaxy S9+.  The quality of these photos is mind-blowing. My favorite things about the S10 are the steady shot capability when filming and the ultra-wide angles!

Other miscellaneous but important pieces

Osmo Mobile 2 gimble for the phone.

Phones are so handy these days, so I do a lot of video on my phone and the gimble just makes everything a little bit better! Well, visually at least. It’s a pain in the butt to balance all the time.

A GorillaPod has been a nice-to-have.

It’s light-weight, and I can use it as a traditional tripod or hold it to get a little extra length to my arm. The GorillaPod can also wrap around things for unconventional angles.

Luggage locks are key.

lol! See what I did there? ahm. Sorry. Moving on! Our Victorinox has a built-in lock (of course, it does!) but other other bags have holes in the zippers and D-rings to be able to use luggage locks and lock them in one place. Use them! I’m not paranoid about my luggage, but why not just have a little extra security?

Luggage tags because sometimes luggage looks alike.

One reason I love all our bags is that they aren’t black and are pretty unique in the world of bags. Even still, a luggage tag is so important. I created A Wanderlust For Life ones that I’m kind of in love with, and you can purchase too if you’d like, otherwise just find one you can easily spot on the luggage carousel.

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  1. That’s perfect gear for traveling. I think besides from using only GorillaPod, one should also look at some other tripods that may cost a little bit less than the above one. Well, you have written your heart out in this article. Thanks Mate. Cheers!!

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