Top Amsterdam Instagram spots

Amsterdam is beautiful. There’s no denying that. Actually, creating a list for Amsterdam Instagram spots was hard because I didn’t want to list out the entire city. I narrowed it down to my favorite photos spots and the ones that you’ll tend to see on Instagram already (just so you don’t miss out!).

The thing about Amsterdam is that most people have a very specific idea of what the city looks like, but there’s a bit more to it than the first few photos to see on Instagram. There’s a map at the bottom of the page to help you find all the spots easier 😉 Let’s dive in!

Amsterdam Instagram Spots


Jessica at NDSM

The area in AMSTERDAM NOORD is known for its street art. From walls designated for anyone to paint, to storage containers stacked high with many different art styles, and even a soon-to-open indoor street art museum. While all of that is in one spot, the entire area is basically a canvas. Simply take a stroll and you’ll find a ton of gems to pose with.

Brouwersgracht & Binnen Dommersstraat

Jessica by the Amstel for a picture

Brouwersgracht is known as the prettiest canal in Amsterdam, and I whole-heartedly agree. This spot in particular is stunning. Like, jaw-dropping beautiful. It’s really unfair how pretty this city is. Just keep an eye out because this is not a pedestrian bridge (even though it’s pretty narrow). It’s a bridge for cars and bikes, too. So, don’t stand in the middle of the road to get your shot.

Although the bridge is a perfect spot to take a photo, it’s even prettier when it’s in the photo! Walk up or down Brouwersgracht to find your perfect spot for that perfect photo.

Brouwersgracht & Prinsengracht


This corner is picture perfect due to the placement of the bridges. It’s also just a pleasant place to have a seat on the bench for a picnic. There’s a great grocery store just around the corner, so you can grab something quick and enjoy the view!

For photos, there are so many good spots since there are two bridges right next to each other. My favorite is standing on the bridge over Brouwersgracht and facing the Prinsengracht corner. It’s really perfect for a postcard…if fact it is on a postcard! Probably a few, actually.

Jordaan with Westerkerk view

Westerkerk Jordaan

Walking through the Jordaan is a treat in itself. There are some heavily trafficked areas, mainly along the Prinsengracht, but there are so many quiet spots, too. My focus here is on the Hilletjesbrug (bridge). There’s a GREAT view of the Jordaan and then the Westertoren (church tower) framed perfectly by the buildings. You could even walk further down the street depending on how you want your shot. Pro tip: Head to Monte Pelmo for some gelato for a prop! It’s on the same street.

Near Waterlooplein

Jessica by the Amstel for a picture

While you’re on your stroll, you might find yourself by the Waterlooplein market, Rembrandtplein, or the Blauwbrug, you’re close to some seriously epic photo spots. Head to the restaurant Amstelhoeck and you’ll see a large area with benches right next to the Amstel river with a great view of famous Amsterdam canal houses. I love this spot because there is plenty of room for all your selfies and even a full-on photoshoot!

Herengracht and Brouwersgracht

Herengracht canal houses

Now we’re moving on to some extra spots that weren’t in the YOUTUBE VIDEO. But, we aren’t strangers to Brouwersgracht on this list, are we? Told ya it was the prettiest and I’m not just making that up! This is another spot where the bridges make it a perfect combination for a great photo. It’s not very busy and is super picturesque.

View of Nieuwmarkt from a bridge

Amsterdam canals
Photo by Krisztian Tabori on Unsplash

There are many stunning buildings in Amsterdam, that’s no secret. But sometimes you don’t know about them all…or how to best take a picture. Stand on one of the bridges on Kloveniersburgwal and you’ll get a great view of de Waag — a 15th century city gate. It’s now a restaurant (which happens to be included in the I amsterdam card if you’re interested in having a bite to eat in history). Really, you just turn a corner and something is worth taking a photo of.

Love lock bridge

Amsterdam Zuiderkerk from Love Lock Bridge
Photo by Benjamin Hollway from Unsplash

Ok, first of all, don’t put a love lock on it. It won’t be there when you come back. I worked on this street and I can’t tell you how many times I saw the city workers taking the locks down. It’s just not good for old structures. HOWEVER, the view down the canal Groenburgwal with the Zuiderkerk (South Church) peaking out, is one of my favorites!

“Wake me up when I’m famous” bench

Amsterdam famous Marco Polo

In the De Pijp neighborhood, you’ll find this bench with “Wake me up when I’m famous” painted behind it. I don’t know who painted it, or why, but people do live behind that wall, so be respectful. It’s on a quiet street that’s cute in its own right. This is what I mean when I say that Amsterdam just has so many great spots. It’s not a crowded city everywhere you go. You just have to keep walking to find your own spot. I really think it’s part of the charm.

Damrak canal houses

Damrak photo spot in Amsterdam
Photo by Alfons Taekema from Unsplash

This is a HUGELY popular spot probably because it’s right next to Amsterdam Centraal Station. Sometimes, you can get a nice clean shot where the tour boats pull up to the dock. It’s a nice row of canal houses that go right into the water. I have to admit, it makes for a striking photo…and you can see it everywhere. That’s why it’s last on the list.

Map for Instagram spots in Amsterdam

Here’s your GOOGLE MAP with all the spots marked for you. And if you register to OUR NEWSLETTER you’ll also get access to our Exclusive Amsterdam foodie and photo map that includes this map plus a TON of extras.

I hope this gets you started on your photography in Amsterdam journey…even if you’re just looking for some killer Amsterdam Instagram spots. It’s a city with many faces and I hope you love it as much as I do!

Jessica Cutrufello wearing a green floral dress, glasses and pink lipstick

Hi! I’m Jessica, an American who made Amsterdam her home in 2014. I share European gems through food and memorable experiences. Want to know more? Head to my about page or check out my YouTube channel.

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