6 Tastiest Cocktail Bars in Catania, Sicily

If you’ve met us, watch our Instagram stories, or you’ve been watching some of our travel vlogs on YouTube, then you probably know that we love cocktails. We love when a bartender knows their stuff and when a bar has that certain something extra going on. We’ve been to Catania, Sicily twice in 2020 (I know, weird, right?) but the good news is we have discovered the 6 coolest cocktail bars to try in Catania.

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Bar Boheme

Bar Boheme

Our first love…for good reason. We have met the owners of Bar Boheme a few times (and they are particularly awesome and cool), the staff is nice, efficient, and really know what they are doing. It’s a little quirky but in a homey living room kind of way. When it’s warm and they have the terrace, there are actually pictures that they hang on the exterior walls so it still feels cozy.

There is no menu here. The staff will ask what you’re feeling, what you like, and if you want anything classic, you can get that, too. But let them experiment. On the first night, I had 3 drinks because I was so curious what else they could whip up. One of those drinks was non-alcoholic since they were a little too tasty and I drank fast. Oh well, such is life at a great cocktail bar.

Ask for local spirits! They have a few and would love to make you a drink with them. They’ll definitely have stuff you’ve never heard of before. I think I like it here so much because it’s like playing. It feels new and exciting and there may not be a name for the drink you get because they just came up with it. I LOVE THAT! Every single drink (I’ve lost count over the multiple visits) have been perfectly balanced. You’ll love it, here.

Oliva.co Cocktail Society

Bar Oliva.Co

Visiting Oliva.co feels like you’ve gone to a friend’s house. The owners aren’t just nice, they treat you like family. One of the owners is also the bartender and knows his stuff. They will make you whatever you’d like, but they also have a menu you can choose from. Creative and delicious, these drinks will have you ordering seconds…and thirds.

If you’re feeling peckish, they have some good bar snacks as well. The ambiance is part restaurant and part just hanging out. Does that make sense? Inside there is a couch area that feels like an actual living room, but there are also your standard tables and chairs. Outside is magical. Oliva.co is down an alley and you have to be looking for it. Once you find it, you get a sense of warmth, calm, and comfort. It’s nicely decorated and just a fun place to hang out.

Circus Cocktail Bar

Bar Circus, Catania

Sean really clicked with Circus. In case you can’t tell by the name, it has a circus theme and their branding is well done but not in a cheesy way. There are plenty of quirky drinks to choose from an a large amount of seating outside which is perfect for the warm summer nights.

The downside is you really need to hike for this bar since it’s a good bit uphill, but it’s so worth it! If you want a little more than quick bar bites, this is a great place for incredible cocktails and deliciously fun food. We couldn’t stop eating because everything was so good. It’s such a cool place to just enjoy the evening.

Collage Boutique Bar

Bar Collage Catania

I’d definitely call Collage Boutique Bar a restaurant as well. There is plenty of food on their menu, including tapas-style, salad, mini burgers, sweets and more. The server was actually surprised when we just ordered drinks, so that gives you some idea of the vibe.

This place was hoppin’ on a Saturday night. It’s down a small street that intersects with a major walking road/shopping street. It’s a pedestrian street so the tables spilled out over a large portion of the road giving plenty of space with plenty of places for people to sit. We saw quite a few groups and it really felt like a local spot. Lots of hugging, lots of smiles and lots of laughter. For a super lively spot, this would be it!

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Etnea Roof Bar


The Etnea Roof Bar and Restaurant is part of a hotel and is a bit swanky. We were told by a local that locals don’t really go there, but there’s a very good reason that visitors do…the view of Mt. Etna!

It’s going to be a bit more pricey than some of the other places, but in my opinion, it’s worth it. It’s a rooftop (duh, the name kinda gave it away), and it feels elegant without feeling too stuffy thanks to the furniture choices. In March, the main room was enclosed, but with the way it is set up, it probably opens up a lot in the summertime. Even in March we went out on the outdoor terrace to look at the famous Mt. Etna. It was beautiful and the drinks were incredible. It’s a great place for a date, with friends, or just to take in the view on your own.

First Lounge Bar

Bar First Lounge Bar

The First Lounge Bar seemed really cool because it’s in the San Berillo Quarter. It’s a small area that felt like a plaza with a couple of restaurants and bars. It has a very unique feel to it and feels pretty local. You could spend an hour here just taking photos because it’s that unique.

The drinks were good, the food was tasty, and the price was very good. Although it’s in a funky plaza-type area, the ambiance wasn’t there for me. But, because we’re all different and it was all very good, I’m still very happy to recommend it. Go and see it for yourself. It may be wise to book a reservation, though. A lot of tables were reserved when we arrived, but there were a couple two-seaters left for us!

If you know of any we missed, definitely let us know. We love hidden gems! I know we’ll be back to Catania and we can’t wait. It’s just a city that resonates with us…and Sicily is an island that should make it on your travel wishlist. To learn how to create the perfect vacation to Sicily, we’ve got you covered there, too!

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Wishing you joy and travels!

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