24 hour itinerary for things to do Feldkirch, Austria

Have you been to Vienna? If you’ve been to Austria, then the answer is likely, “yes!” But, I’m guessing you haven’t been to Feldkirch…am I right?

Many visitors to this country overlook the gems in the Vorarlberg region of Austria like Feldkirch. It’s a stone’s throw from Lichtenstein but still very much Austrian with lots to offer people for a day, or even a weekend trip to Feldkirch.

This city has a population of 33,000 and is over 800 years old but has been very well preserved. If you like to feel like you’re walking through a storybook, then you’ll definitely love it here. It’s full of charm with so much personality along with plenty of ways to learn about the town and culture.

Special thank you to the Captivate Propel Conference and Vorarlberg Tourismus for hosting me in Vorarlberg, Austria. All opinions are my own.

Things to do in Feldkirch in a day

What if you only have one day in Feldkirch, or a full 24 hours? Well, I highly recommend staying the night if possible because waking up early in a town will always yield an interesting experience. Day trips are great, but the evening and mornings always give me a more local feeling. Like trying to find coffee in the morning or having a nightcap in a local bar. I’ve listed three hotels at the end that you can check out to see if any fit your travel style.

Have breakfast at April Cafe

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and having it at April Cafe will start your day on the right foot! They make their menu in line with the seasons and believe in having harmony with Mother Nature. If you’re a coffee-lover, just know that they take their coffee business very seriously! A sweet tooth is also satisfied here with their famous cakes.

Explore the told town center

Colorful buildings, winding streets and an outdoor market greet you in Feldkirch. It has a bustling, yet small town vibe. My favorite thing to do in a place like this is to get lost. Take one turn after another to take it all in. Mornings are such a great time to go (especially on a weekend) as it’s a little less crowded than after lunch.

Don’t hesitate to talk to people. I was walking with a small group and a man with a dog was curious about us. He was asking us how we heard about the town and we asked him how it was like to live there…and he loved it. And he loved that visitors were enjoying it as well.

Check out the Katzenturm (the Cat Tower)

It was originally built in 1507 as part of the city’s fortifications and had canons inside the 8-story tower. “Cat Tower” because its name due to the cat or lion heads used as sights. Now it acts as a bell tower with the biggest bell in Vorarlberg!

Have lunch at Glas Haus Cafe

The modern architecture of Glas Haus Cafe blends perfectly into this stunning Medieval city with views of the mountains highlighted through the fully enclosed glass walls. Their menu is based on fresh ingredients in the region so you’ll have fuel for the rest of your day!

TIP: Be sure to spend a day or two visiting Mellau. Nestled in the mountains, there’s a lot in a little area to enjoy and reconnect with nature. My favorite things were to do a little walk to a stunning waterfall hidden in the woods, eating local food, and heading up the cable car for the views and hikes.

Visit the Schattenburg Castle

Head on over to the Schattenburg Castle to see one of the best preserved Medieval castles in Central Europe. It was created by the town’s founder around the year 1200. It’s now a museum that spans 3 floors and takes you back in time through its 18 rooms.

Take a tour of the town

Take a group tour to get a deeper understanding of the history and layout of the town. Depending on the time of year, there are different types of tours that you can take, check here for more information. Every season offers a new way to experience the tour! Also, check out themed tour options because those are always fun.

Visit Montforthaus Feldkirch

Any tour is likely to pass by the Montforthaus Feldkirch – a stunning modern building in the shadow of an ancient castle. If if you want to see more of the inside and learn how this boxy structure from the 1970’s turned into an architectural gem, then you’ll want to add a dedicated tour to your day.

Enjoy dinner at Schützenhaus

Try some traditional Austrian dishes with a view of the castle and the Swiss mountains. There’s indoor and outdoor seating so it doesn’t matter the weather, you’ll be perfectly cozy! Schützenhaus believes in using the whole animal and has daily suggestions and specials. If you’re an adventurous eater, they have an option where the chef can decide what you eat! Would you try that?

Hotels in Feldkirch

Gutwinski Hotel

My pick for Feldkirch is the Gutwinski Hotel since it’s a little more upscale in design, is right in the heart of the old town and has the best reviews on Google and Booking.com. The rooms are stunning and the location can’t be beat.

Best Western Premier Central Hotel Leonhard

The Best Western is modern and a stone’s throw from the Schattenburg Castle on the edge of the old town. It’s the farthest from the train station on this list but they do have parking, so if you’re driving, it couldn’t be easier since it’s off the main road.

Hotel Bären Feldkirch

For a more traditional and wallet-friendly spot, the Hotel Bären Feldkirch is a great option. It’s the closest to the train station and across the street from the old town area. With consistently good ratings, this is a solid choice for a stay in Feldkirch.

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Wishing you joy and travels!

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