10 Tips To Be A Tourist In Your Hometown

10 Tips to be a tourist

You have no excuse not to have a new adventure! Take full advantage of what is close by and have new experiences no matter where you are. Whether you feel the need to take a staycation this year or just want to get out of the everyday rut of normal life, take time to be a tourist in your hometown!

  • The obvious first thing you should do is visit your tourism office. The locals there know EVERYTHING about the area. If people vacation in your town for any reason, go figure out what that is! Grab a map, some brochures and plan your “visit”.


  • Find a photo scavenger hunt for your town and enjoy exploring.
  • See if there is some kind of walking tour. It could be haunted, historical, food, etc. Our hometown of Harrisonburg started doing downtown food tours, so you never know what might pop up!

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  • Try a new restaurant for dinner. Maybe go all out and try a new cuisine. Some of the most interesting foods are probably some you’ve never tried!
  • Is your area known for making anything awesome? Wine? Beer? Chocolate? Cheese? Go for a tasting!

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  • Visit the local zoo. Who doesn’t love seeing the animals?
  • Museums! Go learn something new about whatever makes your area so special.


  • Do you have a local historical society? See what they have to offer.
  • Historical Roadside Signs”. Google that with the name of your state and see if you can get a map of the signs and learn about the history while taking a short road trip.
The Homestead

The Homestead, Hot Springs, Virginia
Photo: Luxury Hotel Experts

  • Go all out and stay in a local hotel or resort with amenities. Even in smaller cities you can find a nice place to stay. In Harrisonburg, we stayed at By The Side of The Road after our wedding before flying out. And some of the nicest resorts are a destination in their own right and are in smaller areas. One could be close to you!

You don’t have to go far to have new experiences. Find adventure in your own back yard! When we lived in Virginia we would go to festivals like the Highland County Maple Festival to get out of town for a bit, or we would visit one of the many wineries in the state, and I have even spent a day with my girlfriends at a local lavender farm that felt miles away from home. Enjoy your surroundings, don’t take them for granted, and fall in love with your hometown!

10 Tips To Be A Tourist In Your Hometown


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