Wine and Cheese Tasting in Sorrento

As we entered the cellar, all anyone could say was, “oohhhh,” “wow,” “so cool!” That pretty much describes the entire wine tasting we experienced in Sorrento, Italy.

Private Cellar?!

Wine Tasting in Sorrento - Secret Cellar


Let’s back up a bit first. How did we end up in a well-known local restaurant’s private cellar for a wine tasting? Before we left for Italy, I had been looking for a food tour, but it seemed we were visiting about two weeks too early for most things to start running in the beautiful Amalfi Coast area, and Sorrento was no different.


Wine Tasting in Sorrento - Sorrento Food Tours

Just Roll With It

Sometimes I love how things turn out when they don’t go my way! I’m so glad we got in touch with Tamara, who runs a food tour and wine tasting right in the center of Sorrento. This time, we didn’t go to a bunch of different shops and try bites like we did in LondonAmsterdam and Berlin, but who wouldn’t want to go to a wine and cheese tasting…in ITALY


Wine Tasting in Sorrento - Corks


That’s a no-brainer! The super cool part about this tasting was that the wine and cheese were all from the Campania region. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s basically the region that surrounds Naples and down the Amalfi Coast.  I could have wine and cheese every day…actually…while we were there, I think I did!


Wine Tasting in Sorrento

The Tasting/Tour

No Spoilers!  We met up at a well-known spot in the center and had a quick tour with some cool facts and history that really makes you appreciate the area, people, and the culture.  Then we walked to an unassuming alley you probably wouldn’t otherwise notice. You’d never guess what’s behind the big wooden door.  It’s the perfect hiding spot! 


Wine Tasting in Sorrento - the setting


To start the evening, though, we weren’t tasting wine or cheese.  The first taste was…olive oil! There’s a few ways you can taste the oil (sip from a glass, eat with bread, etc) and Tamara will talk you through it.  This was one of those experiences that really helps you to understand why the products with the best quality are usually done in smaller quantities. The difference in flavor is obvious and being able to taste such quality is a treat.


Wine Tasting in Sorrento - Wine Pouring


Back to the wine and cheese, because those were definitely the highlights. Two whites and two reds flowed around the table. Each had their own specific glass to match the personality, flavors, and scents of the wines. I’m more of a white wine fan, and I absolutely LOVED the two we tasted, but one of the reds blew me away as well! 


Wine Tasting in Sorrento - Campania Cheese


The cheese was an “I just can’t even” experience. It was one of those few times when you put a piece of food in your mouth and you just never want the flavor the leave. Fresh ricotta from this area is amazing and I’d happily eat a bucketful. But have you ever had real, fresh buffalo mozzarella? In this area, it’s a MUST EAT. My opinion of cheese is forever changed.


Wine Tasting in Sorrento - Sorrento Food Tours


The whole tasting was a treat. The best part about it was that it showcased the best of the region and THAT is one of my favorite parts of travel–experiencing the best food and drink in the area. It was a flavor journey through Campania that won’t soon be forgotten.


Wine Tasting in Sorrento - Sorrento Food Tours

Thank You!

Huge thanks to Sorrento Food Tours for inviting us for this just-before-the-season-starts tasting experience. We loved every bit of it! Even though this was a complimentary tasting, all opinions are our own and we’d highly recommend the wine tasting to anyone who loves wine and cheese!

Video is below!

Wine Tasting in Sorrento - Group Photo

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