Welcome to A Wanderlust for Life!  We are so glad you stopped by!  So, you’re probably wondering, “Who are these people and why do they have a website?

We are Sean and Jessica — two foodies and American bloggers. We sold everything we owned and are currently living the expat life in Amsterdam. There are a bunch more posts about us where we share a lot more about our journey.

Sean and JessIn this space we share information on Amsterdam, traveling around Europe, and even share a few expat life stories.

Of course, visiting the must-sees are a must-do, but we want to expand on what we already know. This usually entails taking a food tour, exploring on foot and getting lost, lots of people-watching, and maybe finding a speakeasy. Finding the quirky is always fun. We’ll even go underground for a cool experience.

Part of traveling is remembering the experience and sharing it with those who want to be inspired.

For some places and events, we are so excited about it, that we want you to see it how we explore through video! That’s where our travel vlog on YouTube comes in…another way for you to follow us through some awesome places and experiences.

Amsterdam SAIL INHere’s a peek at what we write about:

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