Expert Vlogging Tips: A Viewing to Vlogging Review | A course by Cup of TJ

If you’re looking for vlogging tips and you’ve already scoured YouTube looking for all the nuggets of info and now you’re ready to sit down and take a structured (but fun) course, then this review is for you.

If you are a Cup of TJ fan and want to start your own YouTube, then this will help you. If you don’t have a channel but want to start one, you’re in the right place. But if you’re stuck on growth, then this review is for you, too.

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That is a bunch of groups that I’m saying can benefit from this review. Why is that? Well, because that’s who TJ targets with her course, so, if that’s you and you’re curious what it’s all about and if it’s right for you, then keep reading.

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Number one vlogging tip: Take a course that matches your style

What I think is most important is that you learn how to vlog or how to grow on YouTube from someone who has a style you are inspired by. I’ve seen a few courses and while those people have incredible numbers and make epic videos, they weren’t videos I could see myself making.

You can definitely learn a lot for people with a different style. To get the most out of your learning time, money, and to have things “click” quicker, it’s best to have a course that matches you and your style as closely as possible.

For me, I love the CUP OF TJ YouTube style and that’s why I choose to purchase her course.

Wanna see my vlogging setup?

Get a sneak peek into my camera bag and see how I set up my gear to vlog on my Sony a6600 or my DJI Osmo Pocket.

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Who is the Viewing to Vlogging course for?

It’s for anyone looking to start a YouTube channel or anyone looking to grow their channel by learning or refreshing the basics. This course was originally designed for travel vloggers but most of the content is helpful for anyone looking to build a YouTube channel because it’s about how to use the platform and create videos in general.

Are you ready to up your YouTube game? Read on for my review and check out the OFFICIAL LANDING PAGE for the course.

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Who is Cup of TJ?

Well, CUP OF TJ is the brainchild of TJ Lee. It’s a YouTube channel and TJ’s brand across all social platforms. She has over 350,000 subscribers and 30 million views. Plus, she’s been featured across many many outlets and shortlisted for major awards. She’s now a full-time YouTuber, YouTube coach, and actor.

What you might not gather from her videos and even the WEBSITE FOR THE COURSE, is how she comes across as an instructor. When I went into this course, I was a bit hesitant.

Sure, I love her videos, but how is she when she is explaining everything? First of all, her personality comes through in all the video courses while being SUPER professional at the same time. I make that distinction because being super perky and fun doesn’t always translate into professionalism, but TJ does it well.

I’ve also been on a coaching call with her and attended a webinar, and I can say that she is quick to help, always giving, and pivots instantly when a new point comes up. She will always have a new idea for you to think about and if her idea doesn’t fit what you were thinking, she’ll have another up her sleeve.

Structure of the Viewing to Vlogging course by Cup of TJ

The VIEWING TO VLOGGING COURSE is hosted on Teachable which is a platform I really like because I find it easy to use. It’s designed to be taken over 4 weeks, so groups of modules will automatically open up for you each week.

Most of the course is in video format (because that’s what TJ does best!), but there are also worksheets as homework so you can take what you learn and figure out how it relates to you. There will also be some written notes for you and some bonus materials. But the core of the course is video content.

Topics that you’ll learn: branding, goal-setting, thumbnails, SEO, finding music, using gear you’ve got, understanding analytics, monetization, and brand partnerships.

You’ll also learn which tools she uses through the whole video-making and YouTube process. This is so helpful for anyone just starting out because there will be tools that you had no idea even existed!

Access to a private Facebook group is included in the course price as well, and I’ve found that Facebook groups can be just as beneficial as the initial course. That’s holding true for this group as well!

Is this the best YouTube course? Review of Viewing to Vlogging

I really don’t like using “best” because I haven’t taken every YouTube course that’s out there. Even if I did, different courses are good for different people because we all want different things.

This was a great course for me — someone who’s had a channel but jumped into it quickly without fully understanding YouTube. Honestly, I think that’s what most of us do. We learn by doing, which is perfect. It’s just nice to have some help along the way.

I do think that I was right on the edge of this course in terms of relevance. I definitely learned a lot that I didn’t know but also got some important refreshers. But, I feel like I’m ready for the next level…more on that in a bit.

My favorite bits in Viewing to Vlogging were the little tricks she’s found to really help her…things that not everyone talks about. Like validating video ideas, using the YouTube search bar as a tool, how to find brands to work with, and how to pitch.

She even gives you PITCH TEMPLATES! Seriously, those alone can help you make your money back on the course.

Another one of my favorite parts was that she let us look over her shoulder while she edited. It’s not an editing course, but I enjoy seeing how other people work so it was great for me.

Ultimately, I was impressed with the amount covered, how easily she broke it all down, all the resources she shared, her professionalism, and the little extras she gives.

Because I’m ready for the next step, I have signed up for her Vlogging Confidence Mastermind. That tells you how much confidence I have in her as a coach.

I highly recommend the Viewing to Vlogging course for smaller YouTubers (like me!) and anyone thinking of getting into YouTube or vlogging.

Payment for the course

The course is $230 and is worth the investment. For full transparency, I’ll tell you that I waited for a discount (which happened during the quarantine times) because I didn’t know what to expect. That’s also why I’m writing this! Now, I’d happily pay full price knowing the value given in the course.

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Go, learn, make videos!

If you’re feeling like I have been (a little stuck) and need some sand under those tires (to get unstuck from ice–does that come across well?) then sign up now. The course, as far as I know, is available for whenever you want to start. However, there’s no better time than now. Then you’ll have access to it and can go at your own pace.

I hope to see you in the Facebook group! If you do, when you introduce yourself, tag me and let me know if this review helped you. If there’s anything else you want to know, leave a comment below or reach out on social media (links at the top of the page).

Wishing you joy and creativity!

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