Sean and Jessica in Amsterdam

Two Week European Trip

We have only recently wanted to take on sharing our travel journeys with the world. We have always had a healthy wanderlust but haven’t really taken the steps to really live it and give into it. Our short two week trip to western Europe is probably a very mild type to many of the travel bloggers we have started following. But, as we figure, we have to start somewhere.

Hardcore we are not…yet. But to give you an idea of where we are coming from, here’s a little about us.

Jessica is a planner. She loves to have a timeline of transportation arrangements and even a list of things to do each day so that we get our “money’s worth”. She even looks at the metro maps and such before we get there so she knows how to buy a ticket, for how much, which line to take, and where to get off. But, her idea of a perfect vacation is an all-inclusive beach resort…probably because she doesn’t feel the need to make plans there.

Sean is more of a spontaneous sort. He has a lot of patience and doesn’t usually see a point in trying to hurry when there are no set plans. Wonder, explore, and drive around are ways he likes to enjoy trips. He would prefer to see the countryside, drive the roads, eat the local food, and learn about the history and art of the destination.

The most important thing that we both love is learning new cultures. As different as things can be, we find the differences in cultures fascinating. Western Europe is a great place for us to dip our toes into traveling on our own. The culture is different, but not too different from what we know. We can understand more of the Spanish, French, Italian languages better than others which is helpful.

For this trip, however, we are spending the most time in Denmark and The Netherlands. We’ll have day-trips in Belgium (part of Jessica’s comfort-zone is excited since she knows a little French!). In our short trip we will be in four countries since we’ll have a day-long layover in Iceland. This is the beginning of a long list of trips, we can’t wait to tell you all about it!

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