Exciting Travel Youtubers to Follow in 2022!

About 5 years ago, Sean and I started watching travel videos on YouTube. Some of the first channels we watched have completely changed into something else, others have stayed true to themselves despite the craziness the past couple years, and then we discovered new ones. Watching these channels is what inspired us to get serious (and consistent) with our channel!

Our top travel vloggers to follow in 2022 are mostly under 100K subscribers but all are all about exploring the world…wherever they may be at the time.

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Travel Vloggers to Follow in 2022

Jits Into The Sunset

Tania and Adam, an Irish and English couple, have the amazing campervan Jitters (nicknamed Jits) and they slow travel all around Europe. Their videos are unique in that they only post a video once they’ve finished an adventure. So, fewer videos, but the imagery and storytelling are excellent and always make it worth the wait.

Travel Beans

Emma and Alex are two gems of humans that make up the Travel Beans. They met while traveling and they are still doing it! Now, they have a converted campervan they take on adventures all around Europe. They make fun and helpful travel videos and actually show you the reality behind it all. We met them in Mallorca in 2021 and they are just the loveliest couple!

Kinging It

Craig and Aimee are a Welsh couple who travel in Custard the bus. I love this bus. It seems like the ideal thing to live in…if you are set on living on wheels! They are a quirky, fun and totally real couple who share everything. Yeah, somethings might seem like TMI, but that’s the charm. It’s raw, it’s honest and completely refreshing. They are taking that bus everywhere and there are so many adventures to be had.

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Near From Home

Ben and Camille are an expat couple living in Germany. She’s American and he’s British–together they travel locally to explore a deeper side of Germany and the surrounding area. They give practical tips about their travels so you can travel easier. Along the way they also share insight into their expat life.

Chad and Claire

This young American couple has a few dreams, and they are ticking them off! They’ve converted a van and traveled all around the US, have been traveling the world, and in between traveling, they are fixing up an old 1930’s house in Tennessee. I love their energy!

Honeymoon Always

Dan and Michelle are two Texas who moved to Portugal and are sharing their journey of being Americans abroad along with adventures in traveling. If you’re looking for some practical advice and tips for moving to Portugal this is your couple. They are fast becoming experts in all things Portugal, so they are the channel for anyone planning on visiting the country anytime soon!

The Boms Away

It really is all about the energy for me when it comes to YouTubers and Eric and Sarah seem like the sweetest people who work hard to enjoy life. These Canadians thrive when slow traveling and taking their time in new places. They’ve been focused on Central and South America where they are always finding adventure!

Mr and Mrs Adventure

Drew and Brittany are pros at van life and being digital nomads, so if you love to watch that lifestyle, then there’s a whole backlog of videos ready for you! For 2.5 years they traveled all around North America but now they are planning to move to Portugal for their next life adventure.

Keep Going Places

Ashley and Jordan are a married couple from Texas with the travel bug! They’ve traveled all around the world for a year and shared their best travel experiences. Now, they are focused on travel in the USA to keep that travel bug fed. Any fans of USA travel, this is your channel!

The Awkward Tourists

Kelly and Kevin are from opposite sides of the USA, and both have a love for travel. They call themselves part-time travelers but you wouldn’t know it from their YouTube channel! Whether showing you around their home state of California or taking you to the other side of the world, it’s like you’re just hanging out with friends.

GoTime Travels

Samantha and Caolan are an Irish couple from Dublin sharing their world adventures with you. They seem like a fun and go-lucky duo who just want to go and explore to see and do everything they possibly can. I love their energy!

Nikki and Colton

This couple is from North Carolina and spent a year and a half planning and saving to live the dream of travel. Life is one big adventure and they are so ready! In the middle of 2021, they took a one-way flight to Turkey to start their new lives as full-time travelers. As of this writing, they haven’t made it to their first 1,000 subscribers which is such a great milestone! If you subscribe, leave them a comment telling them how you found their channel. YouTubers helping each other is what it’s all about!

You can also check out my list of travel vloggers to follow for 2021 that I put out last year for even more inspiration! Do you have any favorite travel YouTubers? Head over to my Instagram and send me a DM. I love finding new ones!

Wishing you joy and travel inspiration!

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