Travel Withdrawal

Church of Our Saviour, Copenhagen
View from the Church of Our Saviour, Copenhagen

I think this post may help explain why there haven’t been any posts about our amazing trip. We are having travel withdrawal. It’s not just that we miss our vacation, but to review it and try to work on how to piece it together logically on the blog is difficult. It almost feels that once we have our trip in text, it’s over and finalized and we have to move on to the next thing.

We do have lots of thoughts, observations, experiences, and photos to share in the upcoming weeks.

Some things to look forward to:

  • Flight and layover in Iceland (The Blue Lagoon) getting to Copenhagen
  • Our time in Copenhagen. Including transportation, walk-ability, and people
  • Train-travel to Amsterdam on a City Night Train (Including meeting new people and getting a midnight visit by police)
  • Amsterdam and our 5 days wandering around
  • Renting and driving from The Netherlands to Belgium
  • Our 2-day quick-trip in Belgium
  • Last few days and trip back
  • Our use of AirBnb and different travel websites
  • How we packed and what we’d change

While it felt nice to get back to the normal routine, we both miss that feeling of exploration, learning, and wonder. When we sit down to figure it all out, we’ll analyze it so it all makes sense. Part of the beauty of travel is that it doesn’t always make sense. I promise that we do have a little bit of a plan to get everything on here in bits and pieces…otherwise it would just be one big huge post!

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