Royal Plaza Hotel Review

After our epic 15 night trip to Hong Kong, I thought it only fitting to write this Royal Plaza Hotel review for you all and let you know how our stay went! I’m going to try and be pretty comprehensive keeping in mind what stuck out to me, but also what I was looking for in a hotel in Hong Kong.

First of all, we knew I would be working on the blog while in the city, so I needed the room to have enough space to spread out a bit, and a good desk to work from. We also wanted a hotel with close proximity to everything and plenty of amenities. Our needs took us to the 5-star luxury Royal Plaza Hotel in Mong Kok. A quick note here that this post is not sponsored in any way by the hotel. It’s just where we happened to land!

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Location in Hong Kong

The Royal Plaza Hotel is located in the Mong Kok neighborhood of Hong Kong, perched above a mall, yep, a MALL! Bonus! The Mong Kok East MTR station (the metro) is also in that mall. While having shopping and food super close is definitely a convenience, it can also make it a little too comfortable to stay in a bubble…and indoors. Sometimes, I didn’t get outside air until I got off the metro at my final destination!


Hong Kong street


The Mong Kok East MTR station is helpful, but it’s not on one of the main lines through the center of the city. Most times I used this station, I hopped on the MTR and transferred a couple times to get where I was going. Some of the stations are linked by underground walkways, but it’s a long walk. There is also another station an 8-10 minute walk away from the hotel (Prince Edward Station), but it was frequently a crowded walk through the city which I don’t usually find pleasant. Prince Edward is two of the main lines, though, and makes it easy to get to any of the spots you’re likely to be going to.

Mong Kok is a very local area near the famous street markets, super local food shops, and extremely tall buildings. If you’re looking to dive right into Hong Kong daily life, it’s really an awesome spot to do so.

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Room impressions

We don’t typically stay in 5-star hotels so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The hotel is modern and contemporary and really nice. Most of the details are very much on point. It’s extremely comfortable and overall we’ve been incredibly happy.

Our room selections was the Royal Club Deluxe room. The room is pretty much cream and brown with white sheets, of course. Splashes of silver pop from the light fixtures, mirrors, and wall switches.


Royal Plaza Club Room


The view from our 19th-floor room was pretty awesome. Waking up facing the window and seeing the iconic skyscrapers was a quick reminder exactly where you are. Are they the best views in the city? That’s a matter of opinion. Additionally, there’s a lot of green space right in the foreground of the view which makes everything a bit more striking.

The room furnishings are really thoughtful. Since I planned to do some work while there, the desk space was important for me. The solid wood desk with glass top, two power outlets, and two USB charging station were just perfect. Overall, There were 5 outlets within reach in the whole room with 4 USB charging ports. Not bad! If you find you need more power when you are traveling, grab a small multi-plug power strip from this Amazon affiliate link. The bedside tables had a drawer and a big cubby underneath, so there’s lots of storage at your fingertips near the bed. The bed itself was one that you just didn’t want to get out of. So friggin’ comfy.

There’s a well-thought-out wall unit with glasses, cups, tea, kettle, and coffee maker with mini bar fridge underneath. The shelf/bench unit under the T.V. is where we were able to spread out clothes and anything else we needed. When traveling for so long, closet space is a must-have and we definitely got that! Maybe we could have used a few more hangers, but that’s nothing a quick ask couldn’t take care of.

Can we talk about the bathroom for a second? The hotel bathroom is a room that I don’t think about too much, but I really should. We’ve been in hotels where the bathroom is so small that I barely fit in the shower. I’m a small girl. How is that even a thing? Or others where you can barely move past the toilet to get to the shower. How many hotel showers have you been in that have ZERO space for your shampoo? Too many for me.

Royal Plaza bathroom


This bathroom is perfection. Seriously. I’d love to have it in my home. I may be taking some design cues from it. There’s a lovely deep tub (no water jets, but I don’t like them anyway) and it has its own T.V. Did you read that?! Its OWN T.V.! The shower is absolutely one of the best hotel showers I have ever used. Perfect size. Perfect pressure. Perfect amount of space for toiletries. Oh, and the towels. The Royal Plaza Hotel has some incredibly fluffy towels. No lie, I actually had a huge grin on my face when I first felt them!

Sound-proofing is a big deal in hotels, especially when you fly 12 hours and your sleep is all messed up. We couldn’t hear a thing from the rooms next door, but we could hear everything in the hallway and all the nearby doors close, so the entryway to the room isn’t super sound-proof. Another really surprising thing that we just didn’t think about is when things slam. Bathroom door, closet door, shower door, even the toilet seat. NOTHING in this hotel slams. It’s bizarre but seriously appreciated.

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T.V. options

When you’re visiting a new city, you have to get out and Explore! What do you need the TV for?! Well, when the jetlag kicks in, it’s nice to have. Also, when you’ve walked for more miles than ever before and just need to be a bump on a log for a few hours, it’s handy. Hey, don’t judge me!

Anyway, while the TV system was a bit odd with the different hotel branded menus and such, there were plenty of channels in English. A few news channels like CNN, BBC, etc, and some fun things like Discovery Channel and National Geographic, as well as some other channels that didn’t suck. We never really had a problem with finding something to watch or just to have on in the background.



Everyone, at every point and every level of the Royal Plaza Hotel, was super nice. In everyday life in Amsterdam, it’s not normal for people to just smile at you, so I loved that every hotel employee would give you a smile and/or a nod. Being generally pleasant goes pretty far for me and made everything feel very homey.

The only minor issue we had was even though we would turn on the “do not disturb light,” the hotel would call in the early afternoon asking if we wanted the trash taken out. Every single time. Finally, I called the reception and asked them not to do it…and they still called. That was really a little thing and only affected us because of some weird hours we had going on but I feel it was worth mentioning.


Royal Plaza elevators



There’s a pretty cool pool that’s outside the gym which I had every intention of using…but somehow never found the time. I should work on that. It looked like a nice spot to lounge, and there was and a great walkway just off the pool area that was spectacular. An oasis above the city. Oh, did I mention there’s a hot tub? Yeah….relax.


Royal Plaza pool


Royal Plaza hot tub


If you want to work out, there’s plenty of machines that face outside (the pool) to do so. I’m curious, how many of you work out when you are traveling? I figure I walk a ton, so that’s my exercise, but of course, that’s probably not really enough. Anyway…it’s a cool gym with the basics and a few extras, too!



There are three restaurants that are actually part of the Royal Plaza: La Scala, Lion Rock, and Di King Heen. La Scala is a huge buffet-style place. Lion Rock is a smaller, hip bar with a view over the city below. Di King Heen is a really tasty Cantonese restaurant. They are all so different that I just have to go into more detail.


Di King Heen


Our favorite, hands down. was Di King Heen. Whether it’s for dim sum, which is excellent, or a proper dinner, you simply cannot go wrong. Please have dim sum here. Please. You’ll love it and you’ll be so happy you did. For dinner, try anything with the wagyu beef. It was life-changing. The crispy pork belly was unlike any pork belly we’ve ever had before. By contrast, we tried abalone and it was pretty good…but we can’t really compare it since that was our first time! We opted to eat here several times during our stay. Simply put, every bite we took at Di King Heen was excellent and we highly encourage you to eat there.


Royal Plaza Lion Rock


One evening we were hungry and grabbed a last-minute dinner at the bar, Lion Rock. Very cool interior, great view of the city at night, and really nice servers. However, everything else was just a bit off. This particular night, I really just needed a cocktail, but our drinks came after our appetizers by a few minutes. Happy to finally have a drink, I took a sip and it was really not good at all. But I didn’t want to send it back because I needed something to drink. The soup wasn’t very good but I couldn’t put my finger on exactly why. Luckily the steak I got was okay. Not great, but at that point, I didn’t expect it to be. We did not go back to Lion Rock so I can’t determine if it was just a bad night. If you get something bottled or simple and just want to enjoy the view, I’m sure it’s great.


Royal Plaza La Scala


La Scala is just a crazy adventure! Lots of locals and mall shoppers flock there for dinner. There are two different 2-hour all-you-can seatings, or you can opt to pay more and stay the whole time. Although all the signs look amazing and induce drooling, nothing I ate had too much flavor. It’s a buffet, so I get it, but I was hoping for a bit more. Oh, and if you go for the crab legs, good luck! By the time you know they are there, they are gone. If you like sushi, it’s easy to fill up here…but you’ll have to keep going back since there is a limit to how many you get at one time.


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Overall review of Royal Plaza Hotel

Sean and I really enjoyed The Royal Plaza Hotel, and since we stayed there for so long, we really got a taste for every facet of the building and services. It’s a comfortable space in a local area with an entire mall attached for anything you could need.

Would we stay here again? For the hotel, yes. But for the location, I would prefer to be closer to the harbor. That’s a personal preference, for sure. If you want comfort but also want to be in the middle of an area that’s super local, you would probably really appreciate this spot.

All in all, I’m glad we had the opportunity to go to Hong Kong and spend time at the Royal Plaza Hotel.

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*Photos of the hotel are courtesy of Royal Plaza Hotel


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