Photo Diary of the Jordaan in Amsterdam

Jordaan Amsterdam Holland

While I love to write about the awesome places you can find around the world, sometimes it’s just better to share the photos. A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

Of course, everything needs a bit of context. But this photo tour is to give you a glimpse into one of the most famous neighborhoods in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

First of all, it is surrounded by canals. No big surprise, right? I mean, it’s Amsterdam! So, it’s borders are Brouwersgracht (regarded as one of the prettiest canals in the city), Lijnbaansgracht, Leidsegracht, and the famous Prinsengracht. But this neighborhood is lucky enough to have a few running right through it as well, like the one below.


Jordaan Canal Amsterdam


Along the canals that border the Jordaan, you’ll find some lovely houseboats that look so inviting. No wonder people fall in love with this place!


Jordaan Houseboat


Westerkerk (West Church) is one of the main symbols, and one of the most well-known landmarks in this part of Amsterdam. It peeks through many of the tiny streets as if to remind you it’s there. But, just in case you can’t see it, you’ll certainly hear it each hour!


Westerkerk Jordaan


I love how the Dutch make the most of their outdoor space! People think it’s cloudy, windy, and rainy all the time, but it’s not true. That’s mostly in the winter. But when there’s a sunny day, it’s almost a law that you must take advantage of it when in Amsterdam!


Jordaan Terrace

Jordaan Street


Everyday people doing everyday things. Some streets are actually wide enough to park on, but many are not. Some don’t even have enough room for a real sidewalk, so you walk in the street until you need to hop out of the way.


Jordaan Street

Jordaan Home


Secret gardens that aren’t so secret are all over the Jordaan. They are behind doors that look as though they open right into people’s homes. Instead, they open into an entry way and then a serene garden. I love the tiles on this entryway!


Garden Entryway Jordaan Amsterdam

Jordaan Garden


When a child passes their high school exams, the family puts out a Dutch flag along with a backpack to show the world they are moving on!


Jordaan Bag on Flag


Who wouldn’t love this just outside their door?


Jordaan DoorJordaan Public SquareJordaan House AmsterdamJordaan House Amsterdam

You should know by now that I LOVE Amsterdam. Like head-over-heels in love. This is just one of many neighborhoods that explain why. Just look at it!

Look around where you live and try to take an eye of a visitor. What do you see that might be everyday to you, but beautiful or amazing to someone else?

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