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October 2014 Review with Instagram


Since life is an adventure and we want to remember it all, I thought a monthly review of our favorite Instagram photos would be fun! They may be our favorite because of the story behind it or the photo itself. Either way, we hope you enjoy a look back at our October 2014 through the view of our Instagram account. Please follow us @awanderlustforlife for updates on your feed.

Dim Sum. Two words. Delicious meal. Our favorite so far is at the Sea Palace in Central Amsterdam near the library and close to Central Station.

Who doesn’t love an Amsterdam row house and houseboat combo photo? The trees are still green here! The weather stayed nice through much of October, so we had longer with green trees than we expected.

Sunset view from our apartment in the East.

These are real people! You can see the flower market right behind them.

Crazy quick trip to London!

I love everything about this photo. I grew up on a mountain with woods for a backyard, so this felt like my happy place. This is just outside London in the town of Hemel Hempstead.

Dewali (Festival of Lights) in Amstelveen. It was a party in this place! Awesome music, and tasty food.

Behind our bus stop was this show of fall finally arriving.

Albert Cuyp Market, one of the most famous markets in Amsterdam.

De Foodhallen. Oh my gosh. SO much great amazing tasty food. Go to Viet View and get the Chicken Fling. Feel free to thank me later 🙂

Are these houses so cute? Yes, this is still in Amsterdam.

Fall decorating doesn’t seem to be a huge thing in Amsterdam, but at Pure Market there was this display of ready to go decorations or you could get just a pumpkin or gourd.

Street art! And it’s actually on the street. I just love the colors.

If you liked this post, see the one from September!

Do you have a favorite photo in this list? Are you on Instagram?


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