November 2014 Review
Month In Review

November 2014 Review with Instagram

Since life is an adventure and we want to remember it all, here’s a monthly review of our favorite Instagram photos from this month! They may be our favorite because of the story behind it or the photo itself. Either way, we hope you enjoy a look back at our November 2014 through the view of our Instagram account. Please follow us @awanderlustforlife for updates on your feed.

I’m from an area that people flocked to so they could see the changing of the leaves. But you know what? Amsterdam has pretty good tree scenery as well!

I have always been obsessed with locks and other ways that boats meet water. The Dutch are experts at all things water, so this is just a peek at what they’ve done in Amsterdam.

Sunset over a canal.

Saint Nicholas Cathedral at night. @IgersAmsterdam choose this photo as a photo of the day!

It’s the holiday season in Amsterdam!! Lights are everywhere.

We love Fat Pao and their Brazilian Cheesebread. And that caramel sauce…ohhh mmmmhmmm. We run into them at various markets around the city, here they are at the Neighbourfood Market in Westerpark.

It’s Sinterklaas!! He has a parade to welcome him when he visits in November coming all the way from Spain!

Love these trees!!

It’s been great to experience fall in our new city. What season are you in right now? We’d love to catch you on Instagram, so leave your IG name below!


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