Monday Check-in (Jan 16th, ’17)

As January tends to make us feel like we need new challenges and new goals, I’ve decided to start a check-in of sorts every other week. This idea is not my own, as I was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Monica of The Travel Hack, who post Weekend Reads on Fridays.

For me, I like the idea of gathering my thoughts over the weekend and sharing them with you on Mondays. As a part-time blogger, this works well for me and hopefully will be nice for you to be able to get home after the first day of the work week and relax while catching up with me, A Wanderlust For Life, and other interesting blog articles from others.

Let’s see how this goes!


Lennon Wall


Looking back

The first two weeks of the year have gone super fast. We’re making big decisions and planning for changes throughout the year–personally and with this blog. Everything we are doing in life we hope to ramp up in 2017 in a few different ways. More on that to come!

Getting thoughts and ideas organized is oh-so-important, especially when taking on more to-dos and making changes. As someone who loves lists (who doesn’t?) and someone who gets crazy anxious when there’s too much to do and no system in place, I’m getting my stuff together.

Personally, I use Wunderlist which is on my phone and my computer. It has my blog ideas, video ideas, wish lists of places and things all with notes so when I go to write, I have a starting point. It also has my grocery list 🙂 I love it and use it all.the.time.

In addition, for the larger stuff with the website, brands, travel, social media, I’ve just started to use OneNote (the free app). I love how sections are divided, but am not certain how it will work long term.

As far as all the systems I use, maybe I’ll write a post on that later…but that’s just blogger stuff and I mainly write for those expats in Europe who want to travel around Europe (and those who want to :). Not just bloggers. But if you’re super curious, tell me and I’m happy to put something together for you!

This past weekend we went to the Vakantie Beurs which is like a mini-World Travel Market, but in Utrecht. This cute city is just outside Amsterdam and has a convention center that holds some really cool events. For this event, countries and regions from around the world were represented and showcased to the Dutch market.

Our feet and legs are tired, but we came away with great travel ideas and contacts of people who work with bloggers. We connect with these people so we can get the most out of our travels and show you awesome places and experiences around Europe.


Sunrise from the plane


Looking ahead

Planning ahead is what keeps us motivated. There’s ALWAYS something to look forward to. Last year we did 14 trips in 12 months because of the #take12trips challenge which we are crazy proud of. This year we want to do the same, but with a few uncertainties in the first couple months of the year, we haven’t done much planning.

We are going somewhere awesome in March. Can’t say where yet because it’s a surprise for Sean–who edits all my posts 😉 We have started a fun tradition where each year one of us plans a surprise anniversary trip for the other and we alternate years. This is my year and I’m so excited because I know he’ll love it!

I hate this…so much I WANT to tell you, but I just can’t yet. But you know what? Even though the next few months are going to be a bit crazy on our side, it sure beats a routine of boring. We fought so hard to leave boring behind and I think we’ve done a good job.


In case you missed it

Take 12 Trips Challenge...are you up for it?

Prague at Christma

Interesting reads

Loving this post by Sophie about how life in Paris when living there is different than the fantasy

These spots with incredible views found by Danielle of Lisbon, Portugal will have you thinking, “Stop being so perfect all the time, Lisbon!” Or not, and be super appreciate.

As a couple who is horrible at getting great pictures of ourselves (usually resorting to selfies), this is an insanely helpful post from Renee on getting great couple-y photos.


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Have a GREAT week!

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