Monday Check-in (Feb 13th, ’17)

*waves* Hey guys!

Happy almost Valentine’s Day! Just so you know, I have so much love for you all. Seriously. Thanks for sharing in my adventure <3 Hugs!

We aren’t really doing anything special, we have our own yearly tradition for Valentines Day, more below!


Sean and Jess


I’m on these random lists now as a blogger and usually get information that I’m not remotely interested in, but this time there was an email from an agency that represents Bloomy Days who did a study on how much people spend on Valentine’s Day.

Are ready to drop that cup you’re sipping from?

Los Angeles is among the most expensive place to spend the day of love (Venice just right behind) and Prague was the cheapest. The numbers included a dozen roses, day at the spa, dinner as a Michelin starred restaurant with wine, movie tickets with snacks, and a night in a 4-5 star hotel. Sounds like an awesome day to me no matter the day it falls on. Am I right?!

So, L.A. was €1237,45 and Prague was €430,84. Sounds like Prague is the best answer here!


Looking back

It snowed in Amsterdam!  Usually, when it snows here, it doesn’t last very long and it doesn’t really stick to anything. But this Saturday morning we had a beautiful show put on by Mother Nature and it was so pretty!


My new computer came! Oh it’s so beautiful and small and perfect for blogging. I haven’t put it through its paces yet with video editing, but I was told that it should be fine.  It’s so beautiful and I got such a good deal on it. Even got the fancy bag and mouse for free which were specially made for it!


HP Spectre


What is it? It’s an HP Spectre (not the x360 that does a backflip, but the normal one). I’m not normally one to go after tech because it’s pretty (and I didn’t this time either), but it is so nice to look at and use. I’m just so happy. It’s been SIX YEARS with my current HP. We’ve been through a lot but it’s just about time to say goodbye once I get all my data off of it. It’s big and bulky, the battery is shot, and it’s needed a lot of help to get this far in life. I’ve been extremely happy with my HP Pavilion, but the Spectre is my new baby.

If you’re looking to buy an HP Spectre (or anything really), here’s my affiliate link for Of course it’s no extra charge for you! Just helps keep the site running.

Are you here because you’re curious as to where I’m taking Sean for our anniversary?

Well, I hope you’ll be as excited as we are! In case you missed it, each year Sean and I take turns planning a secret anniversary trip. Last year he took me to the Amalfi Coast where we got to experience some of the best cheese ever at an amazing wine and cheese tasting

Ok, ok Here you go!

Photo by Jen of

Do you know where that is?!

It’s Lisbon, Portugal! I’ve been waiting for MONTHS to share the surprise with Sean. I kind of made him guess after I set up a photo of Lisbon on my laptop and had Pastéis de Natas laid out. He got that it was Portugal right away! Can’t wait to spend 9 days there.

He is SO excited, as am I. Can’t wait to explore, eat, drink, and take day trips. Any recommendations of what we must do, see, or eat there?


Looking ahead

There is still quite a bit of planning to do for our trip to Lisbon. I will be pitching a few places and experiences so we can get the most out of our trip and share those amazing experiences with you. I know there are tours, tastings, and day trips that we absolutely can’t miss out on, and I am so looking forward to visiting a new country.

Sean is taking a work trip this month, so I’m going to be a little bit of super social so I don’t get lonely and super introverted and hopefully get a bunch of things on my blog to-do list done. It’s always a never-ending list! If you’re a blogger, you feel me, if not, I’m not going to explain it here. Let’s just say it’s kind of all-consuming at times!


plane wing


We have some flights and hotels to book for April because that month is coming up crazy fast. There’s a 4-day weekend around Easter that we still have no plans for though we keep tossing around ideas. Time to see where we can get some cheap flights! I think Malta or Greece would be GREAT. Or do more of a staycation. We’re saving for something big…but that announcement will be later.  

The end of April will have us in the UK! First we’re heading to Cardiff to visit The Doctor Who Experience, then we’ll be taking our time getting to London by train and seeing some of the countryside. Anyone in Cardiff or London up for a meet up?  Honestly, I would rather be going to the all-inclusive Tuscany trip, but Traverse is a commitment I just can’t miss! But if you’d rather be exploring Tuscany, sipping wine, and learning all about olive oil and cheese while seeing all come from the source, then definitely check it out. And please share that with anyone you think might be interested!


In case you missed it

Picking the right souvenir can be confusing. Do you really want it? Will you love looking at or losing it? We have a guide to help you with those exact questions.

How to find meaningful and unique souvenirs from travel


Delft is a super cute little (and I mean little!) town about an hour train ride from Amsterdam. Gotta love those day trips! If you’re in the area for a week or so, it’s a great little town that you can soak up in about a half day. Get lost in the picturesque streets and find a cafe to people watch.

A Delft day trip 

Interesting reads

We don’t write much (if at all) about being digital nomads since Sean and I both work full-time at “normal” jobs, but as a travel blogger, the thought is always there.  We frequently meet digital nomads at blogger events, and they seem to love it!  I won’t go into our thought process here, but I just wanted to highlight that it isn’t for everyone and it doesn’t always work out…and that’s OKAY! Here’s Eva’s story


Sean REALLY wants to go to Edinburgh so I’m hoping we can make it happen this year. When I can across this post from Travelettes, I knew I had to save it for when we go. Maybe it has some tips if you have a visit to Edinburgh in your future too!


Business Insider has a bit of insight on mistakes that you shouldn’t make when you’re in Europe. Seriously, these tips will prepare you for a trip to Europe so you don’t feel the need to facepalm when these things happen.


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Have a great week!!

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