Making the Most of March in Amsterdam

Making the Most of March in Amsterdam

We had some beautiful sunshiny days in Amsterdam in March and we took advantage as much as we could! Completing our monthly goals was a little difficult since we took at 6 day trip to Paris in the middle of the month, but we did manage to try new places and explore new spaces in Amsterdam. There is no way that we will ever run out of things to explore, so let’s get to it!

Casa di David


We had dinner at an Italian spot very close to The Library after a spirits and chocolate tasting. Casa Di David was the name and it is a very nice looking and quite large restaurant for Amsterdam standards. We’ve heard a lot of reviews from people we know and it was in the perfect spot for us. It was a nice experience with candle light, a bottle of wine and delicious bruschetta. The meals were good, just nothing to write home about. Overall it was a very nice evening out. Can’t wait to see what we pick for this month!


This is cheating a little bit since Sean was not able to join me at this bar, but I went to 5&33, a hotel bar across from Centraal Station. It was for a work event and was incredibly nice. Very classy, yet not exclusive and very pleasant service. You could hang out on the cozy couches and drink for hours. The cocktails looked good and the wine that was recommended to me was excellent. I hope to go back and take Sean.

Frank Festival in Park Frankendael

Frank Festival in Park Frankendael

Neighborhood is one of the best websites created. We have met so many amazingly nice and helpful people for various meetup groups. One of our new friends took us around his neighborhood in the east part of Amsterdam. We had lived near that area for 3 months, but we were exploring the center and not our own neighborhood…sad, right? Well, we walked all over the place and even some spots that we didn’t know existed. From Park Frankendael to Roest and Dappermarkt, we explored it all! I hope more people are willing to show us their neighborhoods so we can fall in love with them too.


We had an expat event up the road in the Westergasfabriek that we signed up for. The tickets were free so we figured “Why not?”. But it was very similar to the Expatica one at the Beurs van Berlage in November and wasn’t very relevant for us. But it was free and close by, so it wasn’t a huge deal. March was filled with social events which were lovely! We went to a new friend’s house for game night and it got a little crazy and fun! Later in the month another friend had us over for Vietnamese food and to catch up. Then we had a friend over to our place while she made us proper Dutch food. It was a blast! It may have been my favorite month yet. I hope we can top it in April!

Place du Tertre

Place du Tertre


Paris!! For our 5 year wedding anniversary we went to PARIS! Sean had never been before and I wanted to experience the city with my husband. We saw the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur, and did a lot of walking. But we also did some quirky things in Paris including visiting the Catacombs, and I even got a free haircut! It was a nice 6 days away from Amsterdam just relaxing and not worrying about anything.

With winter finally starting to give way to spring, it has been a nice time of year (aside from the random hail that likes to fall unexpectedly). This was a wonderful month and really makes me so happy to live in Amsterdam. We are loving our friends and how they are so fun, loving, and make us feel so welcome.

What kind of exploring did you do this month? Did you try something new?


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  1. Sounds like you had a jam packed March with lots of fun stuff on! Amsterdam is a truly fantastic city, every time I go back I just love it! I think I’ve been 5 times now (including when I lived there for a short while), so I try to explore new places now, but during my time there I loved to discover new and awesome places to go within the city.

    As for Paris, well, when is it ever NOT a good idea?! 😉

    • Thanks for reading, Kate! March was jam-packed…and that’s only what I put in the post! We seem to have a really busy month followed by a slower one, then a busy one again. But that’s probably a good idea anyway! I’m curious, what was your favorite part of the city?

      And yes, Paris is ALWAYS a good idea…so are macarons. Just sayin’

  2. You guys always have the best ideas for the restaurants and sightseeing!! I’ve been super busy with my thesis at the moment, but I can’t wait to experience more spots across Amsterdam next month!

    • I love finding yummy places to eat! I wish I could eat everywhere…what a life that would be! 🙂 Yes, we will go sightseeing when you are less busy. Can’t wait!

    • It is amazing to live among these amazing buildings. But I think you may appreciated them more when you visit! I hope you get to see Amsterdam in all of its glory 🙂


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