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Making Goals and a New Job

Amsterdam Bridge

You have goals, right? Travel maybe? New job? Move to another country?

Making goals is an important part of life. It gives life a sense of purpose and direction. We had the goal of moving to Europe and we are so happy we did because now we are here and love it! Yeah, we have hard times, but we also know that we worked so hard to get here that we are going to make the most of it, and make it work.

With goals sometimes you need a little motivation…a buddy, an app, a vision board, etc.. I had my buddy in my husband, and because we wanted the same thing, we made it happen. I also had the background of my desktop computer set to an inspirational message. It was “Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it.” from Bill Cosby. It kept me pushing through the paperwork, the waiting, and the goodbyes.

Decide You Want It

Having Sean by my side helped so much. It’s amazing what talking about your goals can do. First of all, it makes them real! Have you ever thought about things and when you said them you think “I just said it out loud…that makes it real!”

One of my goals has been to break into social media and community engagement and I was able to do that with Bucket Buddies! It’s a start-up company that is creating an app to help you achieve your goals by connecting with others with those same goals. I was so excited to work with this group because, well, how cool of an idea is that?! My job was to run the social media on Facebook and Twitter. They will be expanding to other platforms as well! And you will find that I write blogs for the Insights section of the website. If you think it’s a cool idea too, sign up to be notified when the app is available.

This blog is about us, our travels, and lives as expats, so I want to be sure to bring you into our everyday lives every once in a while to keep it personable. And on that note, we want to know you too! Where do you live? Do you travel much? What’s something about you that is awesome? And don’t you dare say there’s nothing special!

6 thoughts on “Making Goals and a New Job

  1. Us Sean’s tend to be pretty cool people 😉

    Joking aside – I think it’s awesome what you guys have done. Don’t forget to give yourselves some easy goals (quick wins) to keep that momentum strong!

    1. Seans are awesome!

      Thanks so much for the tips! I love little goals too. I’m going to write about our monthly goals soon!

  2. Just found your YouTube channel for the first time. How’s life? It’s been my dream to move there but I have 2 kids and a hubby and we don’t have a European passport. Hopefully one day…any ideas? Where in Virginia are you from? I currently live in Bethesda Maryland. Great videos btw! Keep going?

    1. Hi there! Thanks for watching my videos 🙂 Moving to Europe can be very tricky without a passport, I’m afraid I can’t offer support here, but there are definitely other ways such as job reassignment or creating a business. It’s way too much information for me to put here and it’s always changing. IND.nl is the official immigration site. That should help. I’m originally from the Shenandoah Valley. Such a beautiful area!

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