January Instagram Review
Month In Review

January 2015 Review with Instagram

Since life is an adventure and we want to remember it all, here’s a monthly review of our favorite Instagram photos from this month! They may be our favorite because of the story behind it or the photo itself. Either way, we hope you enjoy a look back at our January 2015 through the view of our Instagram account. Please follow us @awanderlustforlife for updates on your feed.

View from above Amsterdam. No matter how you look at it, this city is stunning. Don’t you agree?


Commuting in Amsterdam is special. Canals, bridges, beautiful buildings are part of everyday life. I can’t help but be incredibly grateful.


National Tulip Day was amazing! We didn’t get in to pick tulips since apparently we were in the wrong line to get in. Oops! But it was great to watch how excited everyone was and how the tulips made it feel like spring is just around the corner!


Noorderkerk (Northern Church) in the Jordaan…biking past is one way to get to many destinations for us.


Another canal/bridge/house shot because why not? I love how it all looks!


Snow…on the ground in Amsterdam. Not too common this winter. But this was in the south of the city, maybe the weather is just a little bit different?


I hope you enjoy these peeks into life in Amsterdam! If there are certain kinds of photos you want to see, let us know! It would be fun to scout some things out for you. Give us a scavenger hunt 🙂 What was the best thing about your January?