Gift guide for the minimalist traveler

The holidays are upon us and for many, that means it’s time for gift giving! People are so hard to shop for sometimes and that’s exactly why I’ve created different gift guides so you can stress a little less.

This gift guide is for the minimalist traveler, so if your family or friend loves to travel but hates to take too much stuff, this list is perfect. Of course, if they like to pack EVERYTHING, then you’ll be spoilt for choice! 

Who is a minimalist traveler?

Anyone who doesn’t want to travel with much, like those who travel with just a carry-on bag, would fit this category. For the purpose of these gift suggestions, it could also be someone who is about to go off on a long journey, backpackers, people who enjoy weekend trips and city breaks, or those who want to pack as much as possible into a small space.

Gift guide for a minimalist traveler


Just in case your favorite traveler has everything they could want (or you just REALLY aren’t sure what to get), get Tinggly. This is a gift card for experiences! I’ve done many experiences that you can have with the card and I got my husband one for his birthday. You can even have it emailed to them or post mailed to you so you have something to wrap. I love the variety of experiences, but also how eco-conscious the company is. 

Peak Design Tech Pouch

If you seriously consider anything on this list, it’s the Peak Design Tech Pouch. It’s so versatile that every single person can find a good use for it. I use it for tiny camera bits and cables. Because of the design and quality, it fits more than you can imagine.

Anker Power Bank

For a lot of power in a small product, get the 20000 mAh one. It holds multiple charges, fits easily into any bag and complies with airline rules (at least all the ones I know about!). It’s indispensable and makes you super popular when you’re out with friends and has enough power for everyone to charge their phones so they can get home safely.

Anker PowerPort Atom III Slim USB-C charger

For anyone traveling with a laptop and a bit of gear, you know that charging everything at once is a hassle. And carrying around your big laptop cable with a heavy power brick is annoying. For laptops that use 45 Watts, this is a dream. Charge your laptop, and 3 different electronics with a USB 3.0 charge cable at the same time–with a TINY accessory. This also works for more power-hungry laptops, but they won’t work at their peak performance. I’ve used it on both kinds of laptops and I’m still very happy with this!

Peak Design Small Camera cube. Rectangle in shape with compartments to separate camera gear. The small one here can hold a camera body with one lens, a small lens, plus one bigger one with dividers between each.

Peak Design camera cube

The camera cube comes in different sizes and the reason I suggest Peak Design camera cubes over specific camera bags is because I’ve tried many, and when I’m packing light, I like the camera to fit where I need it at that moment. With a camera cube, it can go in a day bag, a tote, or a piece of luggage without taking everything out. 

Small packable towel

These kinds of towels are such a multi-tasker that nobody should travel without one! They are a towel, a blanket, cushion for anything fragile while in your bag, a pillow, a cover-up, and more. It all depends on the type and size you get. I recommend this one since it’s also bamboo and good for the environment. And bamboo is one of my favorite materials these days!

Small packable jacket

A small packable warmish jacket is a must-have travel item. One of the most popular versions is from Uniclo but if you have a Down allergy like more, or are vegan, try the Patagonia version. I love mine and I spent years looking for the right one! It packs down super small and even has a little loop on it, so it can be hung with a carabiner. While I’m not a backpacker, I do like to maximize space, so I’ve put this on the outside of my Pacsafe bag that I take everywhere, including as my personal item on the plane. 

Poncho/small rain jacket

Similarly, a packable rain jacket is a great gift! You never know when you’ll get caught in a quick rain shower so it’s always nice to be prepared. I keep a packable rain coat in my day bag when I’m out and about if there’s any chance of rain b/c it’s so light and doesn’t take up much space.

SSD hard drive

External SSDs are going to become standard for anyone traveling who is also working, taking photos, or videos because it’s the safest way to back up files. The cloud is also great, but I’ve tried that and wifi just isn’t dependable to be able to count on uploading files while on the go, so these babies are amazing. It’s the size of a credit card and just a tad thicker. It literally fits anywhere!


You don’t have to be a YouTuber to love having a GoPro! It’s a great all around camera for someone who doesn’t want to take up space on their phone or worry about their phone getting wet or damaged in any way. I highly recommend at least getting a selfie stick for it, but there are so many accessories that you can go wild!

Tropic feel shoes

Shoes are pretty personal, but I wanted to be sure to add these because they are so versatile and people LOVE them! They can be used as sneakers for nature walks, city exploring, and more. But they can also be used as water shoes when the opportunity comes up to hop in a cool spot and you really need to protect your feet. 

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