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You know Central Perk from Friends? How those friends always meet there and it’s basically their living room–even though they have enormous apartment?

the Library front

Well, The Library is that place for us. It’s a wine shop that hosts various events each week and has a wonderful Library Club. You may have seen us write about them before in our posts about Valentine’s Day, King’s Day, my birthday, and even in my I amsterdam interview! Why does this place keep coming up?


The Library Boat

I’m not sure if Frank and Jeff, the owners of The Library, knew what kind of community the would build so quickly. In just a year they have 800 members in The Library Club. Awesome name, right? Of course some of these members might only stop by for the occasional bottle of wine, but others attend many different events each month.

Independence Day Library

We quickly made friends with some regulars. There is so much diversity in this club that you easily make friends from around the world. Sometimes these regulars even share in the amazingness that comes from their home countries. Whether it be the idea to have a group Thanksgiving, sharing wine from their area, or even share the food of their people–this group loves to be social and have fun.


Owners of the Library

Jeff and Frank, the owners of The Library

It’s refreshing to go somewhere and the people running the place really know their stuff. Frank and Jeff are from industries that have nothing to do with wine, but their love for the grapey goodness made them want to learn about about wine and the industry behind it. They take regular trips to various wine countries to stay in-the-know of the different regions and winemakers to bring the best bottles back to Amsterdam. You’ll find wines from all over the world in their shop, but specialize in wines from California. And if you just need to know where to have a great dinner or cocktail afterwards…they know a few spots 🙂


Kings Day

This place knows how to throw a party! Whether it’s to celebrate King’s Day (a Dutch holiday), Independence Day (the American holiday), or to take advantage of the sunshine and go to a park or rent a boat. This is one of the things that make this place so special. Events always revolve around the wines but they make everything a celebration. And whether you’ve been a member for a week or just got your membership, you will feel very included and make friends fast!

The Library Coolest Members

Visitors–it’s worth stopping by The Library during one of their events just to experience it and meet some locals. You’ll pay for a tasting and get so much more out of it. Just check their Facebook for all the events, past and future!
You can find The Library at Singel 434 in the heart of Amsterdam–right off of Koningsplein which is at the end of the famous Leidsestraat. There’s plenty of places to grab dinner near by as well. We recommend Burgerlijk! And be sure to walk through the 9 streets before you head in for your wine tasting since it’s right next to those super cute boutique streets.

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