Favorite Travel Vlogs of 2014
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Favorite Travel Vlogs of 2014

Favorite Travel Vlogs of 2014

Do you want inspiration, funny skits, and beautiful scenes from people who love to travel? Welcome to the wonderful world of Vlogging!

I’ll admit, I started watching travel vlogs before I started reading blogs. I mean, who doesn’t love to see gorgeous scenery in video? Vlogging can be a video of a location, a how-to, daily journal, and much more. I love that you get to really put a face with a blog since it is easier to connect this way and more fun too. So, in the spirit of the new year and looking back, here are my three favorite vlogs and vloggers of 2014! Thank you for your inspiration, helpful tips, and friendly smiles!

World of Wanderlust

Watching Brooke is like watching reality television. I love the glimpse into the real life of a full-time traveler. The more I watch, the more respect I have for this woman. At such a young age she is fulfilling a life dream by getting paid to travel full-time. Her videos are not always on a schedule, but more on a when-something-happens kind of schedule, or when she decides to daily vlog for a while. It’s just refreshing to watch her do normal everyday things in a different country. And her theme music is so darn catchy!

Hey Nadine

I just love Hey Nadine in that you-are-just-too-funny kind of way. She is real and fresh and just plain goofy sometimes and that makes her just a joy to watch! There are so many different kinds of adventures she enjoys and she always takes us with her. From being in the woods, to being in the tropics, or snow-covered mountains, she’s got it covered. Nadine posts two videos a week and I always look forward to see what kind of video she puts up next!

Hopscotch The Globe

I’m a fan of Hopscotch The Globe for a couple reasons. It was the first channel I subscribed to because it was the first one I came across. You never know what you will get with Kristen and Siya. It might be hiking, taking us along to YouTube events, performing skits, giving us travel tips, or hosting giveaways. HTG is also consistent in posting videos, so you know you have something to look forward to each week.


I hope you enjoy these travelers and their fun videos as much as I do. Be sure to click through the videos and subscribe to their channels if you like what you see! Don’t forget to give a thumbs up to any video you like and comment to interact. We try to post videos every once in a while just to give you a glimpse into our life and travels. So, check us out on YouTube as well.

Here’s our latest video from Germany! We browsed through six different Christmas markets in Cologne and had a blast. Let us know if you like the video so we know to make more!


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