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As part of our new normal, we try to go to markets, try new things, new foods, etc. And we have found some of our favorite foods ever here in Amsterdam. Friday Favorites is full of our absolute favorite things that we would recommend to anyone and everyone. And for the most part, we tend to talk about them a lot out in the real world as well. Some are food-related and some are not, but it’s hard not to share something so delicious!

Have you ever found something that you can’t believe you didn’t know existed? Have you ever tried something and thought to yourself “Everyone needs to know about this!”? Well, for us that is Fat Pao and their Brazilian Cheese Bread (Paó de queijo)! Kelvin and So Yie started the Fat Pao business by making this delicious, gluten-free bread that they sell in muffin tin sizes at various markets. We met them in October 2014 at Pure Market in Amstel Park which was one of their first events! And we now track them down whenever we are at a market because their stuff is so darn good and now they feel like old friends.

Fat Pao Brazilian Cheese Bread - Paó de queijo

Fat Pao Brazilian Cheese Bread- Paó de queijo
Photo by Fat Pao – Used with Permission

What makes Fat Pao so special? Did I already mention the Paó de queijo? Yes? Ok, well they also experiment with different variations of cheesecake too. The dulce de leche/Oreo cheesecake is to die for…if I had it as a last “meal” I would die happy. But what I really love about Fat Pao is that are always trying new things, whether it’s making their own caramel sauce, trying out poached eggs on Paó de queijo, or pork belly, it’s something new and exciting. Sometimes they tease us on Facebook with photos or videos of homemade pancakes or eggs benedict. Of course I only see them when I’m already hungry!

dulce de leche/Oreo cheesecake

Fat Pao’s dulce de leche/Oreo cheesecake
Photo by Fat Pao – Used with Permission

Doesn’t that look incredible? You probably know that one of the keys to great promotion is photography, and they certainly have that down! Just check out Fat Pao’s website, Facebook Page, or Instagram to see how absolutely stunning their photography is! Well, other people have noticed and they now have a service to help restaurants up their photography game on their websites.

Kelvin and So Yie of Fat Pao

Kelvin and So Yie of Fat Pao

With the amazing taste of their food and their passion, I am really hoping for them to open a store (Oud West is best, guys!). But until then I am happy to catch up with them at least each month at Pure Markt events. We try not to stalk, but sometimes the stomach wants what it wants…you know what I mean?

Do you have something that you love that many people may not have heard of? Please share! We would love to try it too!


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