Sacre Coeur, Paris.
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Europe is a Big Place

Sacre Coeur, Paris.

We’ve gone traveling for the week but wanted to chat with you about something we didn’t really think about before Europe became so accessible to us.  Frankly, Europe is a HUGE place with so many amazing spots that we feel that we must visit. After this trip, we will have visited the two biggest places that are on most people’s European bucket list (London and Paris), but what about the rest of the continent? What about the smaller countries? What about the small towns?

This world is big and beautiful.  When you have Europe at your fingertips, it feels wrong to ignore it. I’ve had friends who studied abroad and traveled almost every weekend to somewhere new. We aren’t able to do that yet, but maybe in the future it will be a possibility.


Obviously there are big advantages to already living in Europe, the biggest of which is cost. For under €60 one of us can get to Paris and back to Amsterdam on the train. Money is a huge obstacle to travel, and although it’s inherently cheaper to travel within Europe, we still look for the deals…no need to spend more than necessary. Another noticeable difference is no jet lag! It’s so easy to hit the ground running at your destination when the travel times are so short and the time difference is so small.

German Christmas Market Entrance

The list of sights we want to see and foods we want to eat is growing really quickly. Italy and Spain are very high on the list, but we hope to make it to Norway, Poland, Greece, and many others places in the next few years.

What should be on our list? What are your favorite spots?

7 thoughts on “Europe is a Big Place

  1. Come to prague 🙂 it’s cheap here (no Euro) and beautiful and a really cool city 🙂

    1. I’ve heard great things about Prague! We would love to visit your city, Shannon!

  2. Hi, guys! Thanks for checking out my blog & I hope the Montmartre post was useful. And even if you don’t follow my suggested walk, it’s a great place to get lost in!

    How amazing you guys live in Amsterdam – one of my favorite cities! And awesome that you’re making the effort to travel. I like a combination of big cities and small towns. You can’t go wrong – wherever you choose to go.

    Looking forward to following your blog & hope you’re enjoying Paris!

    1. You have a great blog and I love exploring it! We didn’t do the actual walk because it was on the opposite side of the area from where we were, but we did walk around a lot in the area and we understand why you love Montmartre so much! Did you try Au Pied du Sacré Coeur or Pizzeria Babalou while there? Loved those spots! Hope to see you in Amsterdam soon!

  3. I love Europe, I really do! It’s so diverse from one city to the other. It’s a shame I can’t just take train everywhere. In Portugal that was not an option and in UK except when going to France, Belgium or Holland, it’s not really handy. Need to go to Prague and visit Krakow as well. Going to Copenhagen in April and Norway!!! It’s on my wishlist for a while.

    1. True, you can’t get everywhere…but it’s a lot easier to get around without a car than it is in the U.S. so that’s why we love it!

      Enjoy Copenhagen, it’s amazing!

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