December 2014 Review
Month In Review

December 2014 Review With Instagram

Since life is an adventure and we want to remember it all, here’s a monthly review of our favorite Instagram photos from this month! They may be our favorite because of the story behind it or the photo itself. Either way, we hope you enjoy a look back at our December 2014 through the view of our Instagram account. Please follow us @awanderlustforlife for updates on your feed.


Ice-skating is in full-swing on Museumplein!

Love the reflection on Keizersgracht from this beautifully lit building. The canal was so still this night.

This is my favorite installation from the Amsterdam Light Festival. It blinked, faded, and changed colors. The coolest part was that it seemed random, so you never knew what you would get. So fun!

Christmas market in Cologne under the Dom (Cologne Cathedral). So many people, delicious food and gluhwein.

Hand-blown glass Christmas ornaments at a Christmas market in Cologne. We bought one as our souvenir to bring home.

This is from a ride through Vondelpark on the way home during sunset. I love how many parks are in Amsterdam!

Merry Christmas from the Cutrufellos!! (Us in front of Centraal Station on Christmas Day).

Dam Square on Christmas Day. We caught our friend getting her photo taken in front of the tree. We were playing tourist after Christmas dinner!

Winter is upon us and I can’t say I’m loving it. I can deal with the cold, but the wind just cuts right through you! It’s fun to have the holidays during this time because it reminds you what you have to be thankful and it gives you time to spend with those you care about! What has your December looked like? Fun? Cold? Hot? Adventurous?