Can you drink Amsterdam tap water?

You might find this to be an odd topic for this blog. It’s really not, though! I want anyone who visits Amsterdam to be prepared, be less confused and have a fabulous time. And I know before I came here, I asked the same question, “Can you drink Amsterdam tap water?”

It’s an important question and in researching for this post to see what kinds of questions are asked, I found that “Can Brits drink Amsterdam tap water?” and “Can the English drink tap water in Amsterdam?” Maybe it’s because I’m American, but I always figured that anywhere in Europe was safe to drink the water and it made me chuckle a bit to see people right across the English Channel were asking this question. Now, I feel like I should Google whether I should be drinking the water in London! Just kidding. I’ve been to London more times than I remember and always drank the water, it’s fine there, too.

Let’s get answering the question…

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Is the tap water in Amsterdam safe to drink?

Overwhelmingly, yes. I’ve read that it’s even the best in the country! We pay high taxes which partly go to having good and safe drinking water. The only issue would be if there were very old pipes in which case, wherever you are staying, would let you know otherwise. But, I have never seen an instance where this has been an issue.

There’s been research that says the water here is better than the United States and the United Kingdom! So, yeah, you’ll be just fine drinking the water in Amsterdam

Is Amsterdam tap water free in restaurants?

This is tricky to answer because there was a rumor that restaurants, by law, had to give you tap water if you requested it. I haven’t been able to find this and have been to many restaurants that refuse tap water, including the crazy popular spot for Dutch apple pie, Winkel 43.

So, the answer is no, not everywhere will give you free tap water. In contrast, some restaurants will place a carafe of water on your table when you arrive. I think this is a nice gesture and shows that they value the customer over the money. Most bars will give you a glass of water with your drinks if you ask. At Tales & Spirits, they want you to drink a bottle of water with each cocktail, so it is served together without a request.

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Where are water refill stations in Amsterdam?

There are some all over the city, especially in the main squares, though I haven’t seen one on Dam Square. Hopefully, that changes! There’s a super special one in the passageway next to the Primark. Can you find it?

The Drink Waterkaart website to check out if you are looking to refill your water bottle in Amsterdam. If you travel a lot, this website will help you find water fountains and refill stations all over the world.

water bottles

Which water bottle is best to travel with?

This totally depends on you. My current favorite is Chilly’s stainless steel water bottle. It’s a smaller diameter than some of those larger plastic bottles. This one holds .5 liter, but there are different options. It fits nicely in my bottle pockets on my backpack, and if I’m totally honest, it fits better in my small hands than many other bottles. So, that’s my personal preference.

If you are traveling all over the world and want something that does filter pretty much everything, our favorite travel vloggers, The Endless Adventure, recommend GRAYL water purifier and bottle. We haven’t tried it, but they used it all over, including really remote areas of South America.

I’m not a fan of glass water bottles because I really don’t want to be worrying that they will break. The stainless steel kind that I use can be used for hot or cold drinks. The main downside is that ice cubes don’t fit inside nicely. You would want an ice cube tray like this one if you go that route. And you’ll need a bottle brush to clean it thoroughly. I use one like this because it’s all-natural, but this silicone one looks good!

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Now you can travel around Amsterdam and drink as much tap water as you please! Also, it never hurts to ask anywhere you go if they can fill up your bottle. If they can’t, maybe they’ll be able to tell you where the nearest fountain is, or just check the website!

Enjoy your trip to Amsterdam! Wishing you joy and travels 🙂

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