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  1. You two were the first people to tell me about this website. Still haven’t used it but your experiences sound great and definitely make me more curious and open to using it. Have you ever experienced a place that wasn’t as advertised?

    • Hey Sarah! I think you meant to post this under the Airbnb post, right? If that’s the case this hopefully this will make sense…

      We whole-heartedly recommend Airbnb. It’s always a unique experience and they are available in places that hotels aren’t (Sean’s trip to Sicily). The only thing that might be a be of misdirection could be if someone says it’s in center city, but it’s not what you would consider center city. Usually we find that we are pleasantly surprised at how clean, tidy, and nice a place is and we can’t think of an instance when it wasn’t as advertised.

      I will mention that we usually need to see photos of a place before booking. Those places that have one photo of the outside doesn’t really help in knowing if it is somewhere we want to stay. And we have stayed in places with hosts with no reviews…that’s just been luck honestly.

      I hope that has helped answer your question!


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