Beginner blogger consulting

Beginner blogger and YouTuber consulting

Are you ready to become a travel blogger?! If your answer is a resounding, “YES!”, then keep reading to leapfrog the learning curve a bit.

I understand that it can be difficult to get started and to understand the industry as a whole. That’s why after 6 years in the industry and two years doing this full-time…

I’m here to help! Let’s have a 1-to-1 call where you can ask anything you’d like about the blogging world.

Why should you book a call with me?

I’ve been in the blogging community since 2014 and have been doing this full-time since July 2018. I have attended 16 conferences, participated in 16 press trips, and have worked with dozens of brands. My college degree is in Media Studies & Public Relations and I left my career as a Marketing Specialist at to go full-time with this career in travel content creation. You can have all of that experience in just one Zoom call.

Jessica on canal

I can help you kick-start your career as a content creator by giving you direction, the inside scoop, where to put your focus, and which programs and courses are worth paying for.

Do want to know where to find free stock photos? Maybe you want to know if a specific conference is worth it. I can also help you figure out the best way for you to network because not everyone lives in London or New York!

From gear and terminology to networking and brands, we can talk about whatever you need the most help with.

My focus is on beginners, because knowing where to start is the hardest part. However, if you just want to pick my brain, I’m happy to consult with you as well.

You’ll create your own path, I’m just here to help you find it.

Consultation fee

One-to-one Zoom call is €30 for 30 min or €50 for 1 hour

Fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. In the “message” section, please include your blog website or YouTube channel if you have one, any information that will help me prepare for our call, your time zone and preferred date/time of call.

Details: The call can be via Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet, but my preference is Zoom. Payment will be required 24 hours prior to the call.