Arriving in Copenhagen

When I think of Copenhagen, I think of bikes. Lots of bikes.  Amsterdam seems to get attention as the most bike-friendly city, but in our experience, it was Copenhagen. Bikes are everywhere, but so are cars. The big difference between their bike system and ours in the U.S. is that they have lanes. I’m not talking about just making a line down the road where half of it is the curb. These are legit lanes about 5 feet wide and separate from where the cars are driving. They even have their own stop lights. What was really amazing was that people really followed traffic and pedestrian laws.


The people are so nice and helpful.  On our first night, we hadn’t slept in over 24 hours and tried to figure out the train system. We still believe we picked the right ticket and the right train, but it didn’t stop at our stop for some reason. Even the local we spoke to didn’t know why. But this local saw I was getting upset (I was REALLY tired), so she looked some things up on her phone and told us to get off when she did and she would get us on the right train back to our destination. She also told us how their train system worked. If you by a regular ticket (not a commuter permanent pass) you don’t do anything with it unless a conductor asks for it. Much different from the D.C. metro! Anyway, this girl saved our day! We got to our one-night hotel, slept, ate, and left. It’s a lot easier to navigate after you sleep.


Our AirBnB was great! Not too far out of the way and close enough to a metro stop and Central Station. But we’ll go into more detail about our AirBnB stays in another post. We mostly walked everywhere from our apartment and were able to buy some croissants, Nutella, and yogurt so we didn’t have to go out.  Of course, we had the option to use buses, metros, and regional trains, but we opted for the metro, a lot of walking, and a 24 hour tour bus pass that we would not recommend.

We HAD to take a canal cruise and we were so glad we did! We just happened to come across a tour boat that was going to leave soon. They didn’t have much signage, but seemed to be a little cheaper than others. The boat captains are amazing and you just can’t get these views any other way. These canal boats have been made very specifically to these canals. They can juuuust fit around turns and such.


There is so much to see and do in Copenhagen! Pretty much everyone we ran into was very friendly and willing to help.  Pretty much everyone speaks English.  We will go into more detail of what we got into and how we chose a place to stay in other posts.

Thanks for reading and baring with us while we find our groove! Check out a lot more photos on our Flickr!

Jessica Cutrufello wearing a green floral dress, glasses and pink lipstick

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