7 Things to do around Europe in Winter

7 Things to do Around Europe in Winter

7 Things to do around Europe in Winter

We live in Europe, so we really want to use this opportunity to move around this great continent and see all there is to see. Winter is a unique time since it’s typically a low-season for tourism (depending on where you go), so it’s nice to be close to areas that do their own thing so spectacularly. Even the little things like the Sinterklaas parade just puts us in the winter and Christmas spirit! Below is our winter wishlist, but sadly we are not going to be able to do everything on this list this year. I mean, we just got here! We have to spread the joy out a little bit.

German Christmas Markets

There are many Christmas Markets around the world, but the ones that caught our eye are the ones in Germany. You can go to Berlin, Cologne, Dresden, Nuremberg, or a number of other places, but we decided we are going to the markets in Cologne this year with a chance of visiting Dusseldorf.

German Christmas Market Entrance

Amsterdam Light Festival

This is the third year for the Amsterdam Light Festival and it looks like so much fun! Many international artists came together to create light installations, projections, and sculptures that you can see through a walking tour or a canal cruise.

Alley of Light
Alley of Light

Paris for New Years’

This is Sean’s find. Apparently they do New Years’ like Times Square! Ok, maybe not quite like that. They are French after all. It has to be classy! There are fireworks galore and events all over the city.

Used under Creative Commons License from Flickr by user abac077.
Used under Creative Commons License from Flickr by user abac077.

Skiing on the French or Swiss Alps

I haven’t been skiing in over a decade and Sean’s never been skiing. But I would absolutely love to get back into it and what better place for Sean to learn than visiting some of the best slopes in the world? Sounds perfect!

Swiss Alps- Public Domain Image from Pixabay.com

Visit Santa Claus Village in Lapland, Finland

Who wouldn’t love to visit the town Santa is from?? We’d love to visit Finland in the snow with the reindeer and meet Santa. I hear they have some cool igloos you can stay in too. I’m not sure if WE would stay in them…but it’s a fun idea.

Used under Creative Commons License from Flickr by Andrew Tijou

Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany

Ok, so we’ve been to Neuschwanstein, and it was winter, but we want to see it in all of its snowy glory. There is something magical about castles and when you add snow…well, it’s like you are living in a snowglobe. This castle was also the inspiration for Disney’s Cinderella Castle. Oh, and the BEST apple strudel we’ve ever had was just below this castle. So that helps!

Neuschwanstein Castle
Used under Creative Commons License from Flickr by Pedro Paulo Boaventura Grein

Warm-climate getaway in the Mediterranean

It’s cold here in Amsterdam for the winter. Currently, it’s been hovering right around freezing and we’ve never had a winter getaway, but when the Mediterranean isn’t too far, it’s so tempting to take a quick trip to warm up. Down side: you have to come back into the cold.

Crete - Public Domain Image from Pixabay.com

Those are our must-do European winter activities. What would you add to this list?

6 thoughts on “7 Things to do Around Europe in Winter

  1. Oh I wish I could go on another getaway this winter! All of these idea seem great, at least I will make the German christmas market 😀

    1. That’s wonderful! I hope you enjoy the markets!! I am so excited for my first trip as well and I look forward to following your blog on your move to London! What a great city. We picked Amsterdam over London but only because I’m not much of a city person and Amsterdam doesn’t feel like a city to me. But we’ve already been to London once since we moved and we’ll be back many more times. Brush up on your Doctor Who when you move!! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check it out! Thanks so much for the comment and I’ll see you on the ‘net 🙂

    1. Hello neighbor to the north! Thank you for much for your comment!! Isn’t it great here? So glad we found a home here in the Netherlands. What has been your favorite Christmas market this year?

  2. The Amsterdam light festival looks so pretty! I loved Neuschwanstein castle when I went and it was actually nice and snowy but the viewing platform was closed so I would love to return one day to be able to see it from that perspective!

    1. Oh the light festival is so great and varied! I didn’t know what to expect going in, but it was really cool. And I’m so glad you have been able to visit Neuschwanstein. It’s almost majestic! Hopefully, you will get to go back on a better day, but oh I bet it was beautiful!

      Thanks for sharing your experience!

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