100 Bites to savor from 2018


2018 was an amazing and meaningful year for us here at A Wanderlust For Life.  Jessica decided to leave her job to work on the blog full-time.  We traveled to even more parts of Europe we’ve never explored before,  AND we made it to Africa and Asia for the very first time.  We found ourselves amazed by and immersed in new cultures pretty much everywhere we went this year — and since food and drink are so tightly intertwined with culture around the world, we also found that pretty much everywhere we went this year, food was the highlight of our trip.  From Paris to Singapore, and from street food to Michelin starred meals, we had great and unique dining experiences everywhere.  I wanted to put together a post highlighting our 5 best plates of the year, but it was just too difficult to narrow down the contenders.  Then I tried for the top 25.  Not a chance.  Well, go big or go home, right?  Right!  So, instead, below you’ll find not 25, not 50, but 100 — yes, one hundred! — bites we loved this year, in random order.  We hope you enjoy looking as much as we enjoyed tasting! Click each photo to see what the dish is, and where it’s from.

Disclaimers:  1.) Apologies for some of the low-light cellphone quality photos.  2.) We were bad at taking photos of menus to remind us exactly what we ate in 2018! We’ll do better in 2019 😉 



So, there you have it!  Our Top 100 Bites of 2018.  What were some of your favorite meals of 2018?  What foods can we absolutely not miss in 2019?

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