Take a Bite Out of De Pijp – Amsterdam Food Tour

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Amsterdam Food Tour in De Pijp

Amsterdam is known for a lot of things, but food is not one of them. Ok, maybe you’ve heard about the herring here.

Here’s the thing about Amsterdam: It’s full of cultures!  People from over 180 countries live here.  When people move far away from home, of course they bring their food with them. Don’t we all love a taste of home?

That’s what I love about Eating Europe’s Twilight de Pijp Eating Amsterdam Food Tour, you get a taste of home from people all over the world while also getting a taste of what is known as traditional Dutch (or Flemish in the case of fries).

Flemish Fries in Amsterdam on a De Pijp Food Tour

Did you know that Indonesia was a Dutch colony? In the same way you can find Indian food all over London, you’ll find Indonesian food all over Amsterdam. Luckily for you, you’ll try some on this food tour. It’s quite fitting I think!

Rice Table - Indonesian Specialty

The variety of cuisines on the tour is surprising and refreshing. Turkish food is easy to find throughout the city and their corner stores are super popular. We got to go into a corner shop and have a dish cooked from a Turkish mom herself! The way her son presented it made it obvious how much he loved the food but also showed how proud is his of his food, his people, and his mother. There was a surprising drink to go with it! Might be an acquired taste, but definitely worth a shot.

Turkish Speciality

My favorite bite is a tie between salty and sweet. I love amazing fries, and on this tour we had some of the best in Amsterdam. I’m used to fry stalls, not to restaurants, so it was a treats to sit inside on a cold and rainy night and snack on a cone of hot and salty fries. But I also love my sweets and you can’t get better than a French patisserie! Pastries + cream = heaven. So, I’ll leave it at that. A tie.

Pastry from the De Pijp Food Tour in Amsterdam

The most surprising dish goes to the Serbian-Croatian couple. You might think a polenta cake is just a polenta cake, but you haven’t had THIS cake. So much flavor! We were so welcomed in this shop and the women was beamed as she handed us our treats. She was so happy to answer questions and we could have stayed all night just chit-chatting, but we had to move on to another delicious stop. Oh, what a problem to have!Polenta Cake de pijp Amsterdam Food Tour

In a fitting Dutch manner, we ended at a brewery. There’s a rather large restaurant/bar in de Pijp that serves a nice selection of beer, and is known to have some of the best. How else would you end a night in Holland than with a beer? It’s simply perfect.

Chocolate Cake from the De Pijp Food Tour in Amsterdam

I leave you with dessert…

I love food, so of course I love the idea of a food tour. I think I was most surprised by the variety of cuisines and really enjoyed wandering around the de Pijp area in Amsterdam. It’s much different from the center with all the beautiful canals but has its own awesome personality! So, good job, Eating Amsterdam! I think you’ve found the perfect spot for a food tour.

Over to you! What is your favorite type of food from anywhere in the world?
This was a complimentary tour and I choose to share this experience with you because you deserve to know the best things to do around the world–and this food tour is now on that list! I would never share a positive experience if it was not one. That is a promise.

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