Monday Check-in (Jan 30th, ’17)

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Hi hi!

It’s almost the end of January…how did that happen?! We’re already 1/12 the way through the year and that feels insane. This time last year we were super inspired by the #take12trips challenge and had already been to Berlin, Germany. This year we have something big coming up so we are going to do a few more domestic trips, but we’ll still be on the move!


Zaanse Schans Windmills


Looking back

I got a care package. Awww! My grandma likes to send me things in the mail and I so love it. She is so thoughtful and loves that we are following our dreams and living in Europe. I think she wishes she had done it too for a while. In this package, I got some long socks that are perfect for the winter and gives that extra layer of warmth under my jeans, and some other goodies that I can eat! There’s nothing like a taste of home. Am I right?!

Something exciting is getting delivered TODAY! We have a big box store for electronics and big appliances that is similar to Best Buy in the United States and they had an insane sale. Like, I was shocked. Tax here in quite high on goods. 21% of VAT (value added tax) is included in all the prices. Included-meaning not tacked on when you check out. So the price you see is the price you pay. But for this sale, they essentially pay the tax for you! So, when I saw the laptop I’ve been eyeing for awhile during this crazy even for 21% off, plus recently getting a 300 euro gift card, how can I pass that up?! I basically got my laptop 48% off. I <3 saving money. So yeah, I get it today 🙂

A friend recommended the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing so I thought I’d check it out and got it downloaded onto my Kindle (I am not a fan of having a bunch of books around and it’s just SO easy to get books on Amazon). I’m about 60% through it and I like the idea of really analyzing your stuff to see what you really want to keep. Does it bring you joy? If you only have things that bring you joy, you will be so much happier. At least that’s what I’m getting from the book. Have you read it? What are your thoughts? If not, it’s recommended by a ton of people and you can get your copy by clicking here. Do you do any big cleaning/cleaning out throughout the year? I’d love to hear any helpful tactics you have!


First Trip Home as an Expat


Looking ahead

I’ll be spending time setting up my new computer. YAY! The laptop is the lifeline for a blogger, so I can’t wait to get it exactly how I want and start writing and editing more. My current laptop is 6 years old. WHAT?! Yes. It’s time for a new one.

This weekend is an expat blogger meetup that I’m excited to go to. Networking is key for almost everyone. As a blogger, it’s imperative. Good thing I like meeting people…most of the time. It’s more content that relates to me and my situation. People know people and we can all help each other. Are you part of any networking groups? If not, think about it. You never know what kind of doors could open up for you!

We are looking for somewhere to go to in the Netherlands in February. If you have suggestions, please let us know in the comments. If you’ve found awesome blog posts of those places, feel free to link them. This is our conversation here on our Monday Check-ins, so let’s chat!

While I share a lot here, there will be even more information in the newsletter, so don’t forget to sign up for that. (Sign up here!) We live a certain style of life with our work/life/travel balance which I’ll go into a bit more later, but we’ll soon have an announcement that will shake things up a bit soon. Don’t miss out!

Remember that surprise anniversary trip I mentioned in the last Monday Check-in, well, I can ALMOST tell you. I’ll spill the beans to you and Sean in the next check in 😉 It’s so exciting I just want to squeeeeeeee! Hopefully it lives up to my expectations. The only thing I can tell you is that it’s in Europe. But that shouldn’t be a big surprise since I blog about Europe!


In case you missed it

I fell in love with a tour in Italy that we can’t take because we already have plans, so instead I got to get a discount for you. You’re welcome 😉 Go and enjoy. Then send me a postcard!

All the details are here!A dream trip to Tuscany


Flying around Europe can be cheap, but you’ll want to make the best of those famous budget airlines…since they are famous for being bare bones!

The best of European budget airlines

Interesting reads

If you’re like me and are fascinated with places like Norway for their culture and super wintery winters, then Silvia’s post on is perfect to help you pack for such a trip!

Until we get to Ireland in October, we’ll keep getting inspired by others for now. Madisyn of has an awesome roadtrip around Ireland all mapped out!

Malta had us falling in love with it years ago and we still haven’t been. Hopefully it will be very soon! Joanna put together a post on about a great town in Malta called Mdina. Can’t wait to visit!


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Have a great week!

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