Day Trip to Giethoorn

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Giethoorn is a postcard-perfect village surrounded by water in the north of The Netherlands. It’s been called the “Venice of the North” and the “Village with no Roads”. And while many like to compare Giethoorn to Venice to give a brief idea of what to expect, I wouldn’t really compare it to any place. It’s got it’s own charm, almost too-cute-for-words. Giethoorn is a great day trip from Amsterdam, about 2.5 hours of riding in a train and bus, but once you get there, you’ll see what we mean! As a bonus, you can watch our video and get a feel for it right now and keep scrolling for your day tripping guide 🙂


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Canal houses and boats in Giethoorn

Let’s get you there!

To make a day trip to Giethoorn, you will likely need to transfer trains, so it’s best to check for the best route from Amsterdam Central Station to Steenwijk. Then take bus 70 (tickets can be bought inside the train station) to the Dominee Hylkemaweg stop. You’ll see a restaurant across the street and that’s the direction you’ll want to go.


House in Giethoorn

Get on a Boat!

Whether you rent a boat yourself or you take a tour, be sure to get on a boat! Once you arrive at the stop we mentioned, cross the street and you’ll see the water on the left. Walk around the building there and follow the canal. There’s a bunch of different canal cruises and many vendors you can rent a boat from.
Boat Rental in Geithoorn
Boating in Giethoorn

No Roads?

To clarify, Giethoorn does have roads, but there is a part of town that has foot-paths that double as bike paths (when not to filled with tourists, of course!) and canals surrounded by green lawns. The main path is the Binnenpad, which takes you on a picturesque walk through the prettiest part of town. All you have to do to get the best views is walk. Simply walk. There’s not much point in renting a bike for the canal area!


Day trip to Giethoorn binnenpad

What to do

This is the beautiful thing about Giethoorn, it’s relaxing and you don’t have to do anything. Take a stroll, navigate the canals, or find a bench. You may want to have a camera handy, but don’t spend too much time behind the lens. Simply enjoy.


Day trip to Giethoorn path

What to eat

It’s a small town, but there’s still a few nice spots to eat. If you are along the canal and it’s nice out, grab a place outside on the Binnenpad! Fratelli is great if you’re in the mood for Italian, Grand Café de Fanfare is in the same area, and De Grachthof offers small plates and more, right next to the canal.


Giethoorn Swans

Giethoorn Dining

More than just a day

While a visit to Giethoorn is easily a day trip, we decided to have a weekend away to relax. We picked the right place! We really wanted to get there as soon as we discovered it, so we went shortly before everything started blooming…and it was still absolutely stunning! It was a great decision because after dinner, all the day-trippers headed back to Amsterdam and we had a lovely quiet stroll together.


Day trip to Giethoorn house


Whether you want to get away from Amsterdam for the day or the weekend, Giethoorn is the place to go. Relax, enjoy, and soak it all in. It is definitely one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever seen…and we live in Amsterdam!

Where is the prettiest place you have ever seen?



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  1. Oh sweetie, I can’t wait to go there. I was planning to go there last week but I couldn’t … 🙁 Now I really regret but it’s still on my list! Such a beautiful place!

  2. I’ve never heard of Giethoorn but it looks fantastic! Definitely will have to get myself there soon. I went to Amsterdam a couple of months ago and was so impressed by the surrounding Dutch countryside!

    • So cute! I’d recommend going in addition to Amsterdam if you’re in the area. Many tourists give Amsterdam 2-3 days, but really, there’s so much to do in the city, and as day trips! 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh! Those thatched roofs! Those little boats! What an adorable place… I never would have heard of it if I hadn’t read this post. Thank you for sharing, this is a fantastic guide!


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